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Surely you have all had a few eureka moments in this lure fishing for bass thing, and it’s big time respect to this lad for being so open and honest about it

If there is one thing I will never understand in fishing, it’s anglers who do the same thing in the same places over and over again regardless of results. What is the point in going fishing if you aren’t striving to learn all the time to become a better and more successful angler? Success in fishing may of course be different things to different people, but I would argue that one kind of success as such has to be catching fish as a direct consequence of something new you have learnt. I read the below on Monday morning from a local angler I know, and it really hit home how honest and impressive his words are. I asked permission to put them up here………….

Mike Head: “Spent the rainy morning watching videos on YouTube after struggling in the surf this morning. After watching a couple videos by striped bass fishermen rich troxler on how to read a beach I went back for an hour of the ebb this afternoon. 33 mph onshore 3-5 ft of swell. 3 months ago I'd walk away from these conditions . Picture don't do it justice it was proper lumpy. Spent 10 mins or so examining the surf looking for sandbars , troughs and cuts. Found an area where the pattern in the waves suggest a decent sand bar followed by a fairly deep trough. 10 bass in about an hour all out the honey hole. Every hit resulted in a hook up and bass landed with single right in the scissors. Bass were small but couldn't care less about the size today felt like a proper eureka moment for the surf conditions for me.”


How bloody cool is that? I was surf fishing on the north coast early Monday morning, and Mike who wrote those words above had messaged me to say that they had found some really tricky conditions locally on the morning flood tide, with lots of weed in the water and so on. Later on in the day when I then read those words above on Facebook I almost jumped for joy. Firstly a bloke has admitted to “struggling in the surf this morning” - come on, we are blokes, when do we admit to struggling? - but then he went away and did some research into how he might better approach what are some pretty lively conditions at the moment. Mike headed back out in some miserable weather to put into practise what he had just learnt, and he caught a bunch of fish from conditions he admits he’d have walked away from three months ago. Big time respect Mike and it makes my week to read stuff like that.

If it’s any help, the incredibly informative video above is one of the ones he watched (how many people have an attention span that is long enough these days to actually watch it through and absorb the info?), and I bet you that Mike is now in the same boat to many of here - that eureka/lightbulb moment when something largely foreign to you in fishing suddenly makes sense. Read, watch, listen, ask, whatever it is you need to do, but why on earth would any angler not strive to learn more? How many people do I meet who never ask questions? It staggers me. I have gone on so many work related trips overseas for example when the anglers I end up photographing don’t bother asking their professional guides who spend months on end on the water a single watercraft related question. How is this possible? I get the impression that there is more and more interest in catching bass on lures in the surf, and I am in the same boat as Mike here - I don’t know enough about it and there are times when I struggle with conditions and so on, but damn this pushes me on to learn more and more about how I might get better at it………………..