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Tailwalk EGinn 106M-R 10'6'' Max 45g lure rod review - £299.99 UK price

I guess the easiest thing to say here is that I now own this Tailwalk EGinn 106M-R 10'6'' Max 45g lure rod because it has absolutely blown me away with how fantastic it is to fish with and it fills a gap in my arsenal that I was looking to fill. Go to my webpage here and you can read about my go-to lure rods that I fish with most of the time, and when the situation changes I update that particular page - hence this Tailwalk EGinn 106M-R 10'6'' Max 45g lure rod is now on that page because to me it really is that good. I’ll tell you why…………..


I remember first picking this new 10’6’’ EGinn rod from the Tailwalk “Borderless” range at the 2018 European Sport Fishing Show on the Art of Fishing stand and thinking crumbs, this feels like it could be rather special. I don’t have that much experience with lure rods longer than 9’6’’ and for the most part I simply could not have imagined that I would come across a 10’+ lure rod which I would actively want to use for my day to day fishing as such, but in reality the rod felt so nice in the hand that I stopped worrying about how long it was and waited until I could get out fishing with it. Holy cow to put it mildly.

I’ll explain my thinking behind adding a rod like this to my armoury, and please bear in mind that I am a hopeless tackle tart but I do actually lure fish for bass in a bunch of different ways on a bunch of different marks in a bunch of different conditions, and as much as I will default when possible to that “one lure rod which as near as dammit does it all” , in reality one rod can’t do it all if you like to get out there and mix things up like so many of us do. For about a year now that one rod has been the almost stupidly good Shimano Exsence Infinity S906M/RF 9’6’’ 6-38g (review here), but if I didn’t have that particular rod it would be the sublime Tailwalk EGinn 9’6’’ Max 35g (review here). And yes, of course there is an element of tackle-tartery in there that gets me moving seamlessly through a few different rods like a lion stalks a gazelle on the African plains. Okay, perhaps not, but you get my drift!


As much as I can easily push my Shimano Exsence Infinity S906M/RF 9’6’’ 6-38g in some livelier conditions, in reality it’s such a stunningly light and responsive and subtle rod that I have found myself turning to it far more than I ever envisaged for some of the lighter work. Just because a rod says 38g and can in fact chuck 38g pretty easily like this rod can doesn’t then mean you want to fish its top end all the time, indeed I’d always suggest that if you are buying say a 7-35g rod to lure fish with lures of 30g+ all the time then you are buying the wrong rod and you should be moving up to something like a 12-42g rod - and so on. It’s outrageous how accomplished this 9’6’’ Shimano is, but without a doubt the rod is most alive to me when I am staying under say 30g with it.

Tailwalk EGinn 106M-R 10'6'' Max 45g lure rod 02.gif

So I’ve had half an eye on a particular type of “next step up in power but not a scaffold pole” lure rod for a while now but without going actively looking for one - until that is this I came across this extraordinary 10’6’’ Tailwalk. I do want more power but I don’t want a complete poker, I still want the rod to feel nice and fast and crisp/steely but it has to have “feel”, I want it to be as light as possible, and I need the rod to feel at ease in bouncy conditions. It has to fish a 6’’ DoLive Stick as well as a Hound Glide or Spittin’ Wire or bigger Patchinko, I want it to be very good at working something like a 25g head/120mm body (35g total) Fiiish Black Minnow or a Savage Gear Sandeel either along the bottom or retrieved like a hard lure, and then I might want to sometimes chuck a 40g casting jig into a bit of turbulence at long range and be able to properly work the lure - plus almost everything in between. I know a lot of UK and Irish bass anglers love the 140mm long Xorus Patchinko, so if it’s any help, I have never, ever put this long-casting surface lure out as far as I can on this Tailwalk rod. Honestly, my mate Mark and I were giggling for about twenty minutes the other day when we were casting the Patchinko because it was going so far. Mature eh?!


To be honest I don’t care how long this rod I have been looking for is, or at least I don’t now because this extraordinary Tailwalk EGinn 106M-R 10'6'' Max 45g lure rod is doing the above paragraph for me in such an efficient and enjoyable way that its 10’6’’ length to me has become inconsequential. I was on the lookout for a lure rod that could do all of the above and by pure chance it happens to be this particular rod at this particular length. These EGinn rods have got really good handles on them, I know how well stainless-frame Fuji SIC guides work and last if you wash the rod down in freshwater, and after a bit of time that smaller butt grip feels pretty good (same as the 9’6’’, above).


I know the phrase “it doesn’t feel like it’s 10’6’’ long” makes no real sense because of course this rod actually is that long - and for a long time I shied away from longer rods because in the UK especially, longer spinning rods have tended to be heavy and floppy and horrible to fish with - but this Tailwalk is so light and responsive and steely it just feels like an awesome lure rod rather than a slightly compromised longer lure rod if that makes sense. I’d have gone for it if it had been 9’6’’ or whatever, but it happens to be 10’6’’ long and it bothers me not a single bit with how much I like fishing with this thing. I also like how this rod feels just as good with an uber lightweight Shimano 4000 reel or a slightly heavier and very, very manly Penn Slammer III 3500 - for some reason it’s very easy to get quickly used to a different weight of spinning reel on this rod.


It’s a “finesse-style more powerful lure rod” if there can be such a thing. You can go up to the 45g mark, but to me that means I am having to hold back a bit and to be honest for the kind of fishing I want this rod for, a 40g lure is plenty enough for me. I have absolutely full-blooded 40g metals on this rod with no hassle at all. For sure it’s a casting machine and it makes me smile with how easy it is to get at all that power, but there’s so much subtlety and feel in the blank when you need some finesse and precision but with such an effortless ability to fish heavier lures and/or heavier conditions. How the hell Tailwalk have made a 10’6’’ lure rod feel so completely unlike a slightly unwieldy longer rod is beyond me, but this outstanding Tailwalk EGinn 106M-R 10'6'' Max 45g lure rod has filled a gap for me. Wow.

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