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Tailwalk EGinn 88M 8'8'' Max 35g lure rod review - £259.99 UK price

Three rods in and in my humble opinion Tailwalk over in Japan have designed and made - or had made - a truly special range of lure fishing rods with this new EGinn range from their “Borderless” category - which I take to mean lure rods designed for whatever lure fishing you reckon works best with them. The brilliant HTO Shore Game rods have been top of my tree for a while now as regards a range of lure fishing rods that are available off the shelf here in the UK, but three rods into this Tailwalk EGinn range and I am wavering. For sure I love a nice set of Fuji Torzite guides like you find on the awesome HTO rods, but we’re talking about some special lure rods in both ranges……….


I can think of a few somewhat more expensive rods which share vaguely similar specs to this Tailwalk EGinn 88M 8'8'' Max 35g lure rod that I have fished with over the years which are made to feel like a bit like overpriced dinosaurs next to this wand of a lure rod, but I do actually think though that by putting a “Max 35g” label on this rod that Tailwalk have perhaps made a slight mistake. Not I might add because the rod can’t cope with 35g, rather that a 35g tag tends to imply a bit of a different rod than this Tailwalk EGinn 88M 8'8'' Max 35g actually is. It’s a wand, plain and simple (it weighs only 125g) and I absolutely love it because of this. For sure there’s plenty of power there if you need it, but I would advise against buying this rod if you are fishing gnarlier/heavier open coast conditions all the time and need to fish with something like the regular Xorus Patchinko or a 20g/120mm Fiiish Black Minnow and so on all the time - go for the 9’6’’ (review here) or even the incredible “finesse-style, more powerful” 10’6’’ Tailwalk EGinn rod for those conditions and lures (review here). The sublime 9’6’’ EGinn says Max 35g as well, but it’s a slightly different type of rod than the 8’8’’.

Of course you can whack these types of lures out on this 8’8’’ if needs be - and it’s been a lot of fun lure fishing again with a shorter rod - but because this stunning 8’8’’ is so incredible when you fish with something like a 6’’ OSP DoLive Stick, white senkos and various needlefish at night, or the killer Spittin’ Wire surface lure across the top, to me this is where this rod comes so alive in my hands. When I feel this “connected” to a soft plastic like the DoLive Stick is when I know a lure rod is working really well for me - the whole rod just works so well as a whole when I cast and then retrieve. Lovely and light, nice and fast and very, very crisp/steely with a proper tip that doesn’t collapse, this thing is an absolute gem. Try as I might I can’t think of a better word for the rod than wand. A friend of mine picked it up the other day, gave it one waggle, and bought one for himself - it’s that kind of “holy cow how good does this thing feel” type of lure rod.


It does have a short handle which works fine for me, but some anglers could be put off by this. As ever though I’d argue the case for fishing with something you might not be used to for a while because it’s always interesting how quickly we can get used to different rod lengths and grips and reels and so on. I have been using my beloved Shimano Twin Power XD C3000HG spinning reel on this rod, and as a combination it feels about as good as I can imagine a lighter type of lure rod and reel for bass fishing might get.

Tailwalk EGinn 88M 8'8'' Max 35g.gif

I am trying to find a niggle with this Tailwalk EGinn 88M 8'8'' Max 35g lure rod, but truthfully I just can’t. Five minutes after picking it up and I had accepted that it wasn’t a rod I would want for big conditions and big lures, and I would guess that any lure angler would feel the same way about it. Call me a fanboy of these EGinn rods as much as you like, but it honestly is as if the bods over at Tailwalk who I don’t know and they obviously don’t know me have got into my twisted lure addict brain and taken all that I want from lure rods and how they work for my bass fishing, and then poured those thoughts and ideas into their new EGinn range. I can’t get enough of these rods and this Tailwalk EGinn 88M 8'8'' Max 35g is just about perfect in my opinion - and if I don’t stop right now I will end up talking myself into not letting this one go……….

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