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Tailwalk Salty Shape Dash 90M 9’ 10-35g lure rod review - £199.99 UK price

What an easy review to write - take the outstanding Tailwalk Salty Shape Dash Seabass 90ML 9’ 7-28g, keep that ideal 9’ length, make it a bit more powerful in the tip especially, and the result is this hugely impressive Tailwalk Salty Shape Dash 90M 9’ 10-35g. What’s not to like? A penny under the £200 mark buys what for me is a lure rod that is so well suited to how a lot of UK and Irish bass anglers go about their lure fishing. When you need to step things up a gear and push some heavier lures out into a bit of something lively, this Tailwalk Salty Shape Dash 90M 9’ 10-35g takes it all in its stride and keeps on going…………


Because I am fishing with soft plastics so much more these days - and if you read this blog then you will know about my obsession with the 6’’ OSP DoLive Stick especially, rigged weedless and weightless - then as an “everyday” rod if you like I’m going to default to the slightly lighter (in the tip especially) 7-28g Salty Shape Dash over this 10-35g. As I said in my review of that rod here, the 7-28g version is so good it lives in the same rarefied air as the 9’ Major Craft Skyroad for me, and I must take my hat off to the Art of Fishing people for introducing the UK to Tailwalk rods. I have seen a few of them now and there are some seriously impressive rods to be thrashed.


Everything about these Tailwalk Salty Shape Dash (sea) bass rods smacks of quality - the guides, the handle which I really like fishing with, the grip length, the (lack of) weight, the overall balance with a spinning reel strapped to the rod, and just how they actually fish. This Tailwalk Salty Shape Dash 90M 9’ 10-35g lure rod is one hell of a fishing rod. Don’t for one second think that it’s too powerful, because it isn’t - it’s incredibly responsive and easy to fish with, but if you need it there’s that bit more grunt in the tip area that still retains plenty of subtlety.  

Tailwalk 10-35g.gif

There is every chance that you do your lure fishing thing a bit differently to me and you want a lure rod that’s a smidgen more powerful than the 7-28g, but at the same time you may well want to retain the ability to put a bit of finesse on your bass fishing yet also whack metals, bigger soft plastics and substantial hard lures out there with consummate ease and efficiency. If you want to really easily fish hard lures like the Xorus Patchinko, IMA Hound 125F Glide (the lure that Mark is casting on the rod in these photos here), various Fiiish Black Minnows and Crazy Sandeels etc., then I would urge you to either speak to the Art of Fishing people, or better still, get yourself down to Wadebridge in north Cornwall and have a close look at this rod and a heap of others in the shop.


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