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Take 'em outside and shoot them

First blog post of the week, and so you know in case you want to stop reading - this is not about fishing. Nope, this is about something I read on the BBC website over the weekend that left me utterly at a loss, and to be honest, wishing that the perpetrators could be taken outside, publicly flogged, and then put down like rabid dogs. A Monday Rant?

Have a read of this BBC page here - "Twitter troll targets Claudia Winkleman's daughter" - now the fact that I happen to watch Strictly Come Dancing with my wife and girls on a Saturday night I suppose has something to do with my eye falling on the link that said Claudia Winkleman in it, as in she has not co-presented the show for the last couple of weeks and we were wondering why. Well their eight year old daughter was apparently pretty badly burnt whilst out trick or treating, and as any of you parents here would know all about, you stop at nothing to look after your children.

Now how could anybody in their right mind feel anything other than sympathy for that family? Sure, we hear about it because the mother is a TV presenter, but that aside, it's nothing more than common human decency to feel sympathy for what has happened, and of course when you read about something like that you hope that the little girl makes a full and speedy recovery. Perfectly normal yes?

Read that article and tell me you don't feel sick at some of the cruel, twisted and sick comments that were put up online by these so called "Twitter trolls". How could anybody in their right mind think like that, and then go and post stuff like that online? The fact that people write this stuff is sad enough, but the fact that anybody out there can actually think like that in the first place and then actually articulate those thoughts as written words in a public domain is what I find the most twisted about this pathetic state of affairs - how could anybody read about what happened to an innocent child and feel anything but sympathy and compassion? It's sick, end of.

You know full well that if those sick people were found, you'd have to drag them kicking and screaming into the sunlight and watch as they cowered because they weren't hiding behind the anonymity of a keyboard and a computer screen. I am all for the internet and free speech, but I believe that scum like this should be found and then held accountable for their actions. Why in the hell should people like that be allowed to get away with posting such? I despise how easy it is these days to write such spiteful and hateful stuff as this yet remain safe and warm behind a screen and not have the courage to stand up for your convictions. Twitter trolls? That's besmirching the good name of trolls if you ask me. Pure scum, and I see no reason why people who can think and write like that deserve to continue living in what most of us believe is a relatively civilised society.

And I suppose I must discuss the England rugby, but not without first saying well done to Ireland for their rather magnificent victory over the Boks - as a lad said on my Facebook page, at least you Irish have wound them up properly for our game next weekend!! Cheers lads!! As much as I love watching England play rugby, and as much as the first twenty minutes or so were pretty damn exciting from our point of view (epic first try, as good as it gets), the underlying feeling I get when we play a team as experienced, patient, skilful and just so bloody intelligent as the All Blacks is one of men versus boys. I have no doubt that within English rugby we have the talent to win a World Cup again, but look at the All Blacks and how many caps the team has and how that experience and time together results in this group of players who know how to win games of rugby in so many different ways. It's frightening enough when they flood a turnover like a pack of wolves on a kill, but what gets me is the lack of panic they show, save for the last World Cup final though that they so nearly blew. Is that the hope we must cling to?

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