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Ten years ago today......

.....I got married. Not bad eh ? Best thing I ever did, and my wife is an awesome girl who for some strange reason seems to want to stick around. I think that a part of her still thinks I am a bit mad (fishing, metal, rugby, cricket, golf etc.), but luckily the majority of her thinks I am kind of ok.

OK, so I joke a bit, but in all seriousness, I could not do what I do without her support. She has even given me two perfect daughters (most of the time they are great, kids eh ?) who have turned my life upside down and made me realise what things are really important, and what are not. We have been together nearly seventeen years now. That is nearly half my life, and I could not be more over the moon about it. I knew I would marry her the moment we got together, and luckily she said yes when I asked her to. Phew !!

I suppose a fair few people see what I do in fishing, but I simply could not do what I do without the full support of my wife in everything that goes on. She knows how I feel, and for seventeen years I have been doing my very best to get her to appreciate and then love proper music - extreme metal of course. Seventeen years of trying to get her to see the finer points of true Norwegian black metal for example, or the subtle differences say between death metal from Sweden and the USA. Has she given in and come over to the darkside ? Has she hell !! You gotta give her some credit for holding out that long. But I am persistent.....

Here are a couple of photos of the coastline out on St. Mary's in the Isles of Scilly - where my wife and I went for a few days last weekend, and I of course managed to fit in a bit of fishing with my mate Del. I spoke to him yesterday and the poor bloke is suffering from a spot of man-flu (us blokes always get it worse than women), but he perked up a bit when he was discussing those howling east winds that they had been having were driving loads of weed into his favourite mullet bay. Rotting weed, plenty of maggots, big mullet. Fishing heaven.