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That delicious fine line between awesome conditions and blown out or too rough to fish

I'm still bleeding about that lost fish on Sunday morning, but here are a few grip and grins from a decent bass session that Mark and I had a few hours after my own personal bit of hell. The conditions were fantastic, the light was good and the bass were on - doesn't get a whole heap better if you ask me, and especially when it's firing around here and the bulk of the fishing is as good as on your doorstep. Living away from the sea is something I just could not contemplate.

I caught my first bass on Sunday morning on a Hound 125F Glide, but the back (single, barbless) hook snapped while I was unhooking the fish, and I don't carry spare hooks with me. I turned to a lure that I have not used for ages, a Daiwa 14cm Shoreline Shiner in that killer Daiwa colour, a chartreuse back/cotton candy sides/orange belly - this exact lure has not seen any action in fact since I used it to "acquire" a hungry barracuda right from underneath Cian's nose out in the Florida Keys, but it got a decent workout again on Sunday morning and caught me a few bass. And holy cow is this awesome Major Craft 9'6'' 10-30g Truzer growing on me - what a rod.

I don't know how bad that storm was for you lot last night, but I was keeping a very close on the forecast and conditions yesterday, to see if I could sneak a couple of hours in before it got too hectic out there. I had a feeling that it wasn't going to get too bad until the the start of the flood tide from about 1pm, and yes, it was one of those cases of trying your best not to run down the cliffs because the water looked so good. I hooked up with a lad I used to know from my bait days in Plymouth, but I am not sure how impressed poor Aaron was when I waded across a gully on tiptoes, got hit hard first chuck, then told him I reckoned he could now get across, only to see him start floating off down the current until he found his footing again. As Aaron said, "thank god my reel is mag sealed", because it went for a little swim!!

Anyway, yesterday on the last two hours of the ebb was one of those sessions when it's just about conditions to wet your knickers over but not that far from being essentially impossible to lure fish effectively. I know how excited I get when it's like this, but I try to ram it home to my head to fish within myself if that makes sense - you ain't going to hit the horizon with any lures in the box, and controlling your braid in a strong crosswind cuts down the angles you can cover the water at anyway. If we hadn't caught at least a single bass I think I might have given up fishing in the spot - it looked that good.

I am sure you've all got various lures you turn to when it's like this, but I would personally feel naked without at least one of the IMA Hound family of lures in my box, and yesterday this again was the hard lure that kept me fishing and caught me a couple of bass - nothing massive, but a fizzed up 4lb plus fish in those kinds of conditions will do me just fine, and especially when the tides and conditions have combined perfectly for me with dropping my girls off at school etc. Oh how life has changed!!

I know it's not so easy for any of you lot who don't live close to the coast and can't really take advantage of small window like that, but if there is one word that a session like that rams home to me, it's conditions, conditions, conditions. I will be interested to see how the coastline is looking now, but it's that time of year around here when the bass fishing can be really good if the conditions are right - we didn't get them this time last year, but here's to hoping we might get a few more weeks at this.............

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