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The brand new European Sport Fishing Show starts tomorrow, and here’s some of the lure gear you might want to have a look at

I’m on my way up to Bristol for the first ever European Sport Fishing Show which starts tomorrow, and I can’t wait. I thought it might be helpful to give you some info on some of the lure fishing tackle which I know will be on show and for sale there - and whilst my details here are only a brief taster of what’s going to be up there for us tackle tarts to drool over, I get the impression that there will be plenty of lure gear to look at and also buy if you want to.


For the duration of the show only there is a 20% discount on all Tailwalk rods from the Art of Fishing, and this includes the outstanding, sub-£200 Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Seabass 90ML 9’ 7-28g - check my review here. It’s on the Art of Fishing website at £189.99, but because the Art of Fishing are officially launching the rather extensive range of Tailwalk rods into the UK at this new show, any Tailwalk rods bought at the show get this 20% discount. This rod is already a hell of a lot of lure rod for the UK RRP as it is, but by my reckoning the show price is going to be £152 - and that is a complete steal. This is one stunning lure rod.

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You need to bear in mind that there will be a few of these rods to buy and take away at the show, but when they have all sold it’s going to be on a preorder basis I am told - put your name down, wait a couple of weeks, and for that £152 price one of these lovely rods will arrive at your front door. Yes, I checked with the Art of Fishing - order at the show and they will include delivery in that price, and this applies to any of the Tailwalk range that are either bought or ordered at the show this weekend. Have a look at the Tailwalk website here and you will get an idea of their fresh and saltwater rod ranges - there are a lot of rods! I have been lusting after the not cheap Tailwalk Hi-Tide TZ S96ML 9-30g rod ever since I had a few waggles with it in the shop a while back - it’s £449.99 on the Art of Fishing website, but at the show it’s going to be £360 if my maths is correct. I’ll fight you for it! I need help…………...

I also happen to know that the Art of Fishing are going to have a load of OSP DoLive Sticks at the show, plus a big range of Sufix fishing lines, plenty of Fish Arrow lures, a bunch of APIA rods and lures, plus all manner of other bits and pieces. And bear in mind that I will be up there one day before you, so if anything is out of stock when you get to the actual show, you know who to blame!

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Lure Heaven are going to have a heap of DUO lures at show, including a new, ultra-shallow diver I believe. You also need to speak to the Lure Heaven people about anything slow jigging related, and that includes some really interesting looking ZetZ Slow Blatt “Shore Slow” jigs plus specialist Palms rods etc. I am told that slow jigging from the shore is getting bigger and bigger in Japan, and without a doubt there has to be a heap of uses for this type of specialist jigging gear over here. I have seen it slay from the boat, but it sounds really interesting for shore fishing. Lure Heaven are THE people to speak to about this. They will also have a bunch of Geecrack luggage there, plus Bait Breath lures etc.

I trust that HTO will have the full range of their outstanding new Nebula lure rods at their stand, plus no doubt a heap of other interesting lure fishing tackle. I have only seen the two 9’ Nebula rods so far and I really want to have a few waggles with the other, shorter rods in the new range. I know that most of these rods are now out of stock here in the UK until about Jan 2018 I am told, so if they do have the range on display at the show, let’s form an orderly queue to be first in line to bash the HTO powers that be over over the head and be off with the rods!

If you haven’t seen what I think are the best “sensible money” breathable waders around, find the Vision Fly Fishing stand and ask to have a look at their outstanding Ikon chest waders. While you are there, also have a look at the Vision Kust saltwater wading jacket - I have used and abused mine for a year or two now and for me it’s become the best fishing jacket I have come across so far. It just works, and it’s so damn easy to fish in.

Also make sure to go and see the thoroughly nice people on the Costa del Mar stand, and if you can, check out the new Sunrise Silver Mirror 580P lenses. I know that the best polarised lenses in the world ain’t exactly going to look their best in a show hall, but you should be able to get a good look at a load of different frames and lens shades. I know Z-Man lures are at the show, plus the always excellent Veals Mail Order, and of course there’s going to be a load of fly fishing gear there as well. I am looking forward to getting a closer look at some of these Hodgman waders and wading boots I am hearing more and more about.    

There’s obviously going to be a load more gear there than the above - check here for a list of the exhibitors and I really hope to see you there. I’ll be based around the Fiiish UK stand, so please come and say hi. I am due to do a talk on fishing photography at some point over the weekend - come along if you can and I will do my best to try and improve your own fishing photography. See you at the first European Sport Fishing show tomorrow and Sunday - you know it makes sense!