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The brand new, solid white 6’’ OSP DoLive Stick is real, it's available now in the UK, and I’m so excited I am dancing around my office in my compression gear plus Crocs with socks

I have known about these new solid white DoLive Sticks for a while now and then a few months ago I saw a photograph of one hot off the press as such, but they are now available here in the UK, I have some in my grubby paws, and I am over the frigging moon! Finally, a solid white 6’’ long OSP DoLive Stick is a real lure and not just me hassling various bods to see if they could get them made for our market…………


OK, so I like white lures, indeed if you made me choose only one lure colour that I could use for bass fishing for the rest of my fishing days I reckon I’d go for white. I love white lures for night fishing of course, but way before I even knew that you could catch bass at night on lures, I caught my first bass on a senko in some fairly murky water over in Ireland - and the colour of that senko was, yes, you’ve guessed it, white! I really like white lures in more coloured water when bass fishing during the day, but then I’ve also caught bass on white hard and soft lures in crystal clear water, and so on. Hell, I used to own a white IMA Salt Skimmer that I think Sakura over in France got IMA to make for their market, and that slayed as well - or at least it did until I went and lost it to a bit of rock I shouldn’t have cast at. 

So I’ve now got my favourite soft plastic jerkbait style lure in a colour that seriously does it for me in a lot of different situations, so please forgive my overexcitement. My life is now complete! I’ve done just fine on a white senko at night over the last few years, but I keep hearing more reports from some very good bass anglers who have had some serious fishing on DoLive Sticks at night, fished somewhat slower and therefore a little deeper than I might fish a white senko. Now I accept completely that colour preferences at night may well be in our heads only, but I can’t get away from how well white lures have done for a number of us - and now I’ve got a solid white 6’’ DoLive Stick! Is this the best of both worlds? Be still my beating heart.


If you are interested in this new DoLive Stick colour then they are only available here I believe. I take my hat off to the Lurefishingforbass.co.uk people for sticking their necks out and getting this custom colour made for our market after I asked them if it could be done - thank you, thank you, thank you! I know that bass fishing is 99% about where and when, indeed I hope that goes without saying - but as you have probably guessed, the tools of this fine trade we ply seriously fascinate me along with the actual fishing itself, and now that a pure white 6’’ DoLive Stick is a reality, well let’s just say that I wasn’t really designed for dressing up in compression gear and dancing a jig around my office. Damn it feels good though, and especially together with the Cornish uniform of crocs and socks that enable year round use from these awesome shoes. You all have a good weekend. I’m off for a lie down………...

Amendment - I am getting a few questions from people asking me what hook I like the most for these 6'' DoLive Sticks, and it's this hook here if that helps. Further details can be found here


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