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The CLA Game Fair is as incredible as always....

It's the last day of the 2009 CLA Game Fair up at Belvoir Castle today, and so far it has been as fantastic as it always is - honestly, every year it gets me just how huge this event is. Anybody with any interest in fishing, hunting, shooting or just the outdoors should come along to the Game Fair, for it is huge fun for the whole family. I have been doing my demonstrations with Nick Hart, and also doing a few talks and forums in what they call House of Fishing. I love talking about fishing !!

I have met loads of people who want to talk about fishing, and what amazes me the most is just how many of them want to talk about one single thing - bass fishing. And then some more bass fishing. Honestly, the level of interest in fishing for these magnificent fish is just staggering. Where, how, what, etc., you name it, anglers want to know. Die hard sea anglers, fly anglers, coarse anglers, there are so many people up here who just want to talk about bass. I have never seen such an explosion in interest for one single species, and it is without doubt the way we can fish light with lures that is so turning people on to it more and more.

My friends from Bass Lures have got a stand here again, and you would not believe the numbers of people I keep seeing there, crowded around their demonstration tank - they seem to be doing a roaring trade in Sebile, Slug Go, Lucky Craft and IMA lures, and yes, before you ask, of course I could not resist and I have made various purchases !! How could I not ? I hugely admire these guys for sticking their necks out again and coming along to the Game Fair with their products, and yet again it proves just how many different anglers want to get involved in light tackle bassing.

I have done one thing here that I should have done months ago, and that is to join the Angling Trust - this new organisation is the one single body that represents sea, game and coarse fisheremen in the UK, and I have been speaking to the guys involved a lot. No more are there going to be a whole number of strangely named umbrella organisations that I reckon confuse the hell out of people. I am not a political animal in fishing at all, but I reckon the least we can do is to pay the annual £20 fee and give these professional people a chance to do the best they can for the future of this sport we love so much. Just the fact that we now have one single organisation dedicated to the well-being of sport fishing in this country makes me a feel a whole lot better about the future, and I wish the people involved all possible luck and success. Please join the Angling Trust right here.

Anyway, I had better get mysellf ready for the last day here, and then I am driving back to Plymouth later on today to see my girls. I am home next week and then on Saturday I am heading over to Ireland for a week's photography and fishing - to say I am rather excited about getting back to bass heaven would be somewhat of an understatement ! ! Bring it on as soon as possible.....