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The CLA Game Fair this weekend at Blenheim Palace.........

.........and I am really sad not to be going this year. One of my favourite weekends of the year, the CLA Game Fair is always a complete blast, but this year I believe that the fishing side of things is "changing" slightly. Change of course is a good thing, but it means that the demonstrations I have been doing for some years now with Nick Hart are no longer "required", and as such we are not going (me and diplomacy, big friends ?). Not for one second can somebody like me simply assume that they are going to be asked back each and every year to do their thing, and a few months back I got one of those emails that said thanks but no thanks !! Whatever the case, do all you can do get yourself to Blenheim Palace this weekend and enjoy a truly wonderful event, and if you are into your lure fishing then I have heard about a few things that might just float your boat in a major way at the show............

There can't be that many lure anglers in the UK who have not heard of the MegaBass brand from Japan. Whether you own any of their lures or not is beside the point for the moment because I have heard that the BassLures.co.uk lot have managed to secure a bunch of MegaBass lure rods for their stand at the Game Fair over the three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Now I don't know much about MegaBass lure rods, but from what I have heard they are about as good as it gets - and I still regret not buying one a couple of years ago at the Nantes bass show when a few were going "cheap". I can't for the life of me remember what the rod was called, but from memory the thing felt awesome in the hand. I believe the BassLures people will have various MegaBass rods on display from the Independence, Silver Shadow and Shadow ranges. How badly do I want to see these rods and get a feel for what they are like ? Even more gutted not to be going to the show.

I believe there might even be a MegaBass reel or two knocking around on their stand as well, plus far too many nice shiny lures, various other rods and reels etc.............help !! And no, I don't work for BassLures. But I do very much like and respect the people involved, and I have a lot of time for fishing junkies who spend time and money on getting other fishing junkies like you and I some proper access to the sort of lure fishing gear a lot of us want to see.

If you are into your fly fishing then make sure to go and grab one of the Hardy Greys lot on what I presume will be their big and very busy stand and get a few chucks with those new Hardy ProAxis (saltwater) and Hardy Zenith (freshwater) fly rods. Yes, I do some work with Hardy Greys, but no, I have nothing at all to do with these new fly rods, and I can only go on the huge worldwide buzz that has been going around with the rods, plus the experiences of fly guys that I know and trust who have been going loopy about them. When somebody who I respect as much as Nick Hart essentially says to me after that recent Irish trip that the Hardy ProAxis 8-weight is easily the best saltwater 8-weight he has ever cast and fished with then I tend to sit up and take notice. Believe me, Nick is a very serious tackle tart when it comes to his fly fishing gear - not like me with lure gear of course ? Another friend of mine has just been smashing some outstanding king salmon out in BC on the 10-weight ProAxis (check here) - and he is also going nuts about the rods. The feedback coming from a number of pro-fishing guides in the US is almost abnormally good as well. Loving the fact that a UK based company is putting out fly rods like these.

Go and check out the Aardvark McLeod stand as well. Say hi to Pete, Charlotte and Gordon for me - and if Gordon is wearing shorts then get your sunglasses on (the great guys from Costa del Mar are usually on or near the Sportfish stand). White legs from Scotland ? I never said a thing. A great bunch of people, and I am proud to work with them on a number of different projects. Potentially some exciting times ahead as well, so keep your ears to the ground and have a look at the kind of stuff that Aardvark McLeod do in the world of international fishing travel. If any of you do head up to Blenheim then have a great time and please report back here on how it all went. As I said, really sad to me missing this one.........