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The conditions are killing us out here.....

It's not so much the actual weather that is causing us real problems out here with the fishing - it's the appalling conditions that these constant winds and rain have resulted in. Any trip over to Ireland in winter is taking a calculated gamble with getting a decent chance at the big bass, but on this one we are really being kicked where it hurts !! The amount of messed up water is just staggering. Same back home as well.

If and when we start nailing fish, I will post the results here, but it's tough at the moment. If the fishing turns on I will post the results up here, but the feeling is that it's going to take a long time for these rivers and estuaries to clear of all this freshwater. And as for the open coast for any meaningful fishing - forget it !!

This time last year we smashed them, but this time around it's completely different. We came over mainly to fish one specific spot, but even that is blown out with freshwater and weed. We'll keep going, but the frustrating thing is that this place is ready to fire the moment conditions improve. Winter in Ireland is the time for big bass, however us guys are doing and whatever the weather throws at us.

Even though these couple of photos show the guys fishing with lures, it was more in hope than any kind of reality - a case of playing with bits of plastic. These conditions are all about bait fishing, and thanks to Cian we have some outstanding Irish crab. I am always blown away by the kindness and hospitality of these Irish anglers. The guys are diamonds and I love fishing with them. Some outstanding bass anglers as well. A couple more days to go, and as it is with fishing, you never know when it might switch on........

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