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The deep glow of satisfaction.............

I know exactly what it's like to "visualize" a certain lure working in a certain spot, and therefore I know all about how hugely satisfying it is to see this visualisation go and work. I suppose we all do it, or am I just imagining things ? We fish certain locations, we hear about or see a lure that we reckon might work (solve a problem ?) on a mark, and we then get hold of it. Gambling to a certain extent on a lure, and therefore all the more satisfying when you catch a fish. A huge part of the reason why this bass fishing thing gets to me so much is because it is forcing me to think and re-examine my knowledge (or lack of it) all the time, and I always get a big kick when I am forced out of my comfort zone to a place where I have no choice but to learn some more. Standing still simply ain't an option.

I was out for a few hours on Monday for some vitally important "product testing", and Mark nailed this nice bass on a lure that he later told me he had bought specifically for fishing the exact spot we were on. Outstanding stuff Mark, and I can understand exactly why the guy's literally beaming in the photo. It's not just the bass, nice as it is, it's the combination of trying a new lure in a spot the guy knows really well, and then getting that lure to work. By catching a fish of course.

The lure in question is the little and somewhat innocuous looking Jackson Artist FR105 (check here) - a sinking lure that I know the French bass nuts go mad for, and obviously our own bass seem to like it just as much !! The whole thing about sinking lures and their added stability was once again really rammed home to me over in Ireland the other day, and especially when I got hit so hard once in some "close to being unfishable" conditions that one of the hooks on the back (barbless) treble was bent out of shape by the fish. I do not think I would have even got a bang without a sinking minnow on the end. Would have been nice though if the fish had hung on, because isn't it always the way that the biggest fish are always the ones that come off ??!!

I took a small bass just before Mark turned up, plus I had a few hard hits - all on the slow sinking MegaBass Zonk 120, a lure about which I have so much to learn (wow, not the Zonk Gataride !!).

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