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The easiest to understand video I've seen yet on tying the best braid to leader knot I know of

It's thanks to a post on Steven Neely's Facebook page that I saw this knot tying video, and whilst it's hardly going to set the world of cinema on fire or reduce one to tears of emotion at the script, it is actually the easiest to understand and follow video on the GT knot (or FC knot or whatever it's bloody called) that I have come across so far. I would suggest that if you've got two working hands and a decent pair of eyes and you still can't tie this knot after watching this video, well I'd be sorely tempted to ask somebody to take a look through your earhole and tell you if they can see fresh air!!

I have done a few posts now on the GT knot and I am not about to apologise for doing so. Lure fishing in saltwater is in my mind changing the landscape of UK and Irish sport fishing - nope, it isn't as if we've all got a heap more money lying around, but the simple fact is that increasing numbers of anglers are at least understanding that some of the really good gear costs what it costs. Considering that a spool of high-end braid is going to cost you north of £30 for only about 150m of the stuff, I will never understand why anybody in their right mind would not at least try to find out if there were some better knots out there that might better suit these expensive mainlines - and then when you've found a better knot, why not learn to tie it properly?

I've heard all the arguments about the uni to uni, the Improved Albright, Slim Beauty etc., but the simple fact is that none of them are as strong as this GT knot (if you need to tie a leader knot very quickly then I'm listening, I accept that). OK, so we don't tend to catch fish that smash mainlines because they are more raging animal than fish, but why not get as much out of your mainline and indeed your leader as you possibly can? Why not give yourself every chance possible at getting a potentially expensive lure out of a snag? Why not find out how incredibly thin and strong some of these modern braids really are? I like some braids more than others, but since I started using the FG knot I can't think of a single occasion when I've had reason to think that a particular braid I have tried wasn't strong enough for its stated breaking strain.

Fishing knots aside, there's the small matter of the opening match of the Six Nations tonight. Wales might be a lovely country with plenty of good fishing, but tonight that flies right out of the window. If you're English it's a nervy time. Injuries aside, I can't help but be somewhat concerned that we're this close to the World Cup and still we don't have an established side. I have a feeling that it's going to be a cracking Six Nations and I am hoping of course that we get off to winning start and go on to take the Grand Slam. Hope eternal or golden shafts of realism? You all have a good weekend. Tomorrow I turn 42 and I still feel remarkably immature.

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