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The End of the Line - you need to see this documentary

Flying across the Atlantic in economy class is hardly the most exciting thing in the world, but it did finally give me the chance to watch the incredible documentary "The End of the Line" on the in-flight system. Anybody with any interest in fish, fishing, the sea, the marine environment or indeed our planet should watch this film and learn more of the shocking truth about how badly overfishing is affecting the oceans. It is extremely well made and puts across the facts in a reasonable way that is by no means sensationalist or anything like - check out their website right here. Any of us who fish have a pretty good idea about what is going on just by seeing our own local waters being affected, but "The End of the Line" gives it on a truly global scale, and it makes for some scary viewing at times. The documentary came about from a book that I am ashamed to say I have not read yet, written by a Daily Telegraph journalist called Charles Clover who I believe is a passionate fisherman in his own right.

Do all you can to see this film - keep checking on the website for screenings, and I heard that a DVD will be coming out later in the year. There are plenty of clips from "The End of the Line" that can be seen at this link here. While a lot of the film is a stark but very human warning of what is going on, and also what will end up happening if we carry on like this, there is also a strong message of hope portrayed that says we have still have enough time to turn the fish stocks around and bring them back up to healthy levels again. But only if the right actions are taken by the right people. Are human beings really that mad that we could allow "our" oceans to become essentially marine deserts ? Makes one wonder does it not ? A film that every single person should see. The problem with fish is that they are not cuddly and cute, plus most of the time we can't see them - out of sight, out of mind.

Anyway, as is normal with one's first night in the US, I am sitting in my hotel room unable to sleep because I am still on UK time - managed to keep my eyes open until about 9pm local time last night here in Miami (2am UK time), and then crashed out, only to wake up again at 2am US time (7am UK time). Anybody who has flown this way knows exactly what I am talking about, but who really cares about a bit less sleep when the adrenaline is really building for this trip into Bolivia we are about to do. Our flight down to Santa Cruz leaves later on today, and then we actually go into the jungle I believe early on Sunday morning. I am highly overexcited about this one, and I am putting myself under real pressure to get the absolute best possible range of photos that I am able to. You want to nail this kind of trip properly. Only a few more hours until breakfast at the hotel opens up and I can get hold of some coffee.........

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