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The Friday Rant - 03.08.2012

I can't profess to having a huge amount (cricket, rugby and golf for me) much interest in the Olympics, but with Tom Daley being a Plymouth lad I wish somebody talented and driven like that who puts their heart and soul into something the absolute best of luck - and then you see a report (here) about some scum of a human being sending Tom what must have been one seriously upsetting Twitter message after one of his diving events. Tom's Dad died far too young last year and some idiot's sending Tom Daley a message which read "You let your Dad down I hope you know that". Which to me begs the question how much people nowadays should or should not be held responsible for what they write and then put out into the public domain via Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. I don't give a stuff that the boy who sent the message to Tom Daley was only 17 and tried all he could to apologise afterwards when it became a whole lot more commonly known about. The guy needs a kicking, plain and simple, and he needs to me made an example of if you ask me. It's far too easy to write abusive stuff from behind the safety of a keyboard and get away with it............

When I first started posting on a fishing forum, for the life of me I could never work out why many members chose to use what might be called "forum names" rather than their real names, and to be honest it always freaked me out a little bit that you might then meet some of these forum members and they would actually be calling each other by their forum "names". Why ? Why on earth NOT use your real name on a forum, or am I missing something here ? I always did use my real name because I knew no other way. It strikes me as far too easy these days to criticise, abuse and upset people without ever actually speaking a word face to face, and do it while hiding behind some weird made up name and a keyboard. Can you imagine how upset somebody like Tom Daley must have been to get that stupid Twitter message ? I simply don't believe that some idiot should be allowed to get away with it - these days it's so easy to put all manner of written words out there in the public domain, but where then is the responsibility for putting them out there if there's no worry at all of any repercussions ? I bet you any money that idiot would never in a million years have had the "courage" to stand in front of Tom Daley and say what he "said" via Twitter............which once more says the lot to me. The bulk of these idiots are in real life the biggest drips you could ever hope to meet. Face to face they crumble, indeed they are at their "bravest" when behind a keyboard and therefore not having to face the consequences of their actions. "Keyboard warriors" was never more apt a term for these social outcasts who have the spine of a grapefruit and the manners of a baboon.

One might argue that a professional sportsman like Tom Daley is out there in the public domain and therefore is open to it all - but why should he be ? Just because a person like this happens to be very good at what he does and by virtue of this he's splashed across the media surely does not suddenly mean he's suddenly deserving of personal abuse that aims to upset. I can't pretend to you that I have any time for these vacuous "celebrities" who increasingly these days are famous for eating some strange creature in a jungle or for sleeping with some other vacuous celebrity and then running to the press, but does that actually give some other subnormal drip of a person the right to try and emotionally hurt them via the public written word ? Give somebody a kicking and you stand a chance of being arrested for it. Stand in front of somebody and verbally abuse them and you stand a chance of paying for it. So what's the difference behind hiding behind a keyboard or a smart phone (surely a daft phrase if ever there was one) and dishing it out without having the balls to front up ? I don't remotely believe in trying to censor everything out there, but I do believe that people should be held responsible for their actions, and to me that includes punishing these keyboard warriors who take on these bold, cyberspace personas because they know in real life they haven't got the guts to say what they want to say face to face. Internet hard men ? Pond life if you ask me, and that's being kind to the tadpoles. Anybody can write spiteful stuff (granted, some people struggle even to write coherent sentences let alone get their point across), but how many of these creatures have really got the social ability to even try and articulate what they have instead written, let alone be able to actually stand there in front of a real person (and not a computer screen) and dish it out ? A professional athlete loses his father and doesn't quite get a medal and some idiot writes him an abusive message. Honestly, the mind boggles. A kicking ain't remotely good enough.................

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