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The Friday Rant - 06.01.12

Complete stranger - "Hello, is that Mr. Gibley ? I am ringing you today to offer you/present to you/tell you about so and so unique opportunity/double glazing/insurance etc." Me - "No, it's not Mr. Gibley, it's Mr. Gilbey. Learning to read would be a good starting point for this conversation. But don't tell me. You're not ringing to sell me something. Of course not. You're ringing to present some unique opportunity to me that I am really going to listen to and then accept from some complete stranger who has got hold of my mobile or home number." Complete stranger - "Well, actually......." Me again - "How about you give me your mobile phone number and I'll call you at home at a really inconvenient time and offer to sell you a great big pile of steaming horse manure that I've got sitting out the back." Complete stranger - "There's no need to be so rude Mr. Gibley." Me again - "I'm being nice. Seriously, give me your personal phone number and I'll call you. Nope ? OK, now %^x* off and leave me alone." Honestly, these kind of calls drive me mad.........

I've just had one of those random calls and I will rather shamefully admit to telling the caller to something off. I know it's rude to do that, but I hate these calls and sometimes I just feel duty-bound to tell the caller where to go. I wish I could speak to the companies involved and foam at the mouth at them instead, but you and I know that it's never going to happen, and in the end it would not make a blind bit of difference anyway. I accept that a job is a job, and we all have to try and earn a living, but surely those people who are cold-calling somebody like me or you must despise the fact that they are calling up random people and annoying the hell out of them. They must have hides like rhinos to take the constant abuse they surely get down the phone. I'm sorry, but calling random people like me up and trying to sell me (no, not sell, I just want to tell you about something) some rubbish is just low. I despise it. I despise the whole cold-calling thing if that is what it's called. Cold-call so many poor unfortunate people that somebody at some point is going to take the time to listen and then actually buy or sign up to something. Like those ridiculous junk emails - surely nobody can be daft enough to take any of them remotely seriously ?

I don't know about you, but I value my privacy, and these random selling calls to me are quite simply an invasion of that privacy. Whether they come in on my landline or my mobile, I just have a real problem with strangers calling me up and trying to sell me or talk to me about something in which I have no interest. As I said earlier, how about they give me their number at home and I'll call them back and waffle on for a few hours about fishing ? How about I bore them into submission so that they end up buying a few of my photos ? If I had my way then the companies that are involved in this random calling would all be closed down and the bosses would be strapped head first to the main speaker stack at a Motorhead gig. For ten nights on the trot. And then they could be put to work doing something useful like litter collecting or street cleaning with their tongues. Working for free of course, to pay for the aggravation they have caused all of us at some time or another. Tell me you despise those calls as much as me, or am I venting upon a subject which only I get angry about ? Should I be more polite when some complete stranger rings me and tries to flog me something I categorically don't want or have any interest in ? Should I rejoice that some random company has yet again got a hold of my phone number(s) and is merrily picking me out at random to try and flog me something ? I would imagine that picking up the phone and making these calls is close to being a traffic warden on the job satisfaction side of things........

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