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The Friday Rant - 15.07.11

My apologies for the lack of recent rants, but if you follow this blog then you will have seen that I have been away on a couple of trips over to Ireland - and I am not in the habit of ranting when I am away from home and fishing/photographing as much as we were. So then you might ask why on earth the subject of this Friday rant is Ireland, a country that I am passionately in love with. How could I possibly rant about Ireland ? Well I can, and it is mainly because I have to blame this perfectly wonderful place for so many of my current afflictions and addictions. It's Ireland's fault that I can't stop thinking about the place. Well I have got to blame something or somebody have I not ? Couldn't possibly be my own weak disposition could it ?

Ireland - why on earth do you have to have such good shore fishing ? I travel the world for my work, and I have been fortunate enough to have seen, done and been around some of the finest sport fishing there is - yet I still long to take myself over to Ireland as often as possible and indulge myself in what I believe is the finest shore fishing in northern Europe. A European or UK shore fisherman is what I am I suppose. It would be so much easier if the fishing in Ireland was not so good, but it is. Hit it right and I imagine it is along the lines of how here in the UK might have been perhaps 50 years ago. No, of course Ireland does not fire all the time, but then nowhere on earth does. What I suppose I love the most is that I can fish in the ways I grew up doing and generally catch more and bigger fish from locations where we often see no other anglers. Gets me every time. See ? Ireland's fault. I don't know who to rant at for Ireland having so many fish, but if you are reading this then please keep it that way and let me gradually weaken in the face of this raging addiction of mine.

Ireland - why are you full of some truly fabulous people, and how on earth can such a great country be so comparatively under-populated ? If the people were dreadful and it was crawling with far too many of them then my addiction would be far less than it is. I count myself extremely honoured to count some mighty fine anglers over there as my friends, and it humbles me at times to witness how kind so many of them are to us when we head over there. OK, so the country is in a financial mess and there is no getting away from that, but their generosity and help never, ever goes unappreciated or unnoticed. Read all you want in the papers, but life goes on over there.

Ireland - why do you have to have such an awesome coastline that floats my boat in such a major way ? It would be so much easier if one's jaw did not so regularly hit the floor like it did all the time down on the wild Beara peninsular the other day ? I have not seen nearly as much of Ireland as I so want to, and there is a huge amount more I want to experience, but I dread to think how many more adjectives I am going to have to come with to describe yet more great places over there. All Ireland's sneaky fault because the country knows that I have a weakness for shore fishing in cool places, and if the light happens to go off for my cameras then I am more often than not reduced to a gibbering wreck who mutters about f-stops, exposure compensation and changing lenses. See ? Not my fault at all. Ireland all the way. The place has got a lot to answer for.

Ireland - yes, I love where I live, and my wife, two girls, Jess and I have a great life in our quiet little corner of Cornwall. But I can't help that a part of me still thinks about what it might be like to move over to Ireland to live. Realistic ? Not really, but there ain't nothing wrong with thinking about things and imagining not working very much and fishing until I drop. I once suggested to my wife that perhaps we should up-sticks, move over, and she go out to work while I indulge in a "little" fishing !! Guess how that went down ? Ireland made me suggest it. Not remotely my fault !!

Ireland - their bass fishing. If you had asked me ten years ago whether I had any inkling that I would have succumbed to the charms of these spiky fish to the point of obsession and I might have looked at you rather strangely. And for a part of this addiction I am sorry to say that I must blame Ireland again, plus of course those fantastic people who "kindly ?" helped me ease into my addiction over there - and of course still enable this addict to get his fix as much as he can. Why can't their bass fishing be garbage so that I don't have to dream about going there as many times as I can each year ? Waking up every single morning at 3.30am for a week before going on a trip over there because you are so overexcited is not the behaviour of a grown man, but that is how much it gets to me - and I know plenty of anglers who feel the same way as me. Is it right to blame a country for being such a cool place ? Probably not, but then this is my blog and I reckon I can rant about what I want to !! Ireland has got to me in a way that I never envisaged, and for that I must say thank you and please help me in equal measures.......