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The Friday Rant - 20.12.2013

If there is a Hell, may he be murdered in jail and then suffer there for eternity. A 35 year sentence ? Locking him up and throwing away the key would be the first step towards dealing with the human scum that is Ian Watkins, singer of a band called Lostprophets and now convicted paedophile. Don't know what I am talking about ? Check here and then tell me you don't agree with me hoping that a "person" like this is killed in jail, and preferably slowly and painfully, with a full pardon for the prisoner who does the job. I fail to understand what possible reason there can be for somebody like this spending any more time on the earth. I am a father of two girls and I happen to think that people who prey on children are about the lowest of the low. We live to protect our children and help prepare them for their life ahead of them, but sadly there are some twisted individuals out there who do things that most decent human beings struggle to comprehend.

I can understand many things in life, but at the end of the day there are some aspects to mankind that I just fail to come to terms with. As much as I dislike the cat that we inherited with our house, I don't understand cruelty to animals - aiming the hose in his general direction is merely me trying to get him to stop clawing at the back door to be fed. I suppose that I am a fairly strict parent, but I don't understand how anybody could harm a child in any way, shape or form. As for a human being preying on children ? Try as I might I fail to see a single reason for letting any convicted paedophile live one single second longer. Why waste our heard earned taxes funding prison life when the death penalty would sort it all out in a second or two ? Paedophiles are predators, plain and simple, and no jail sentence or course of "help" is going to "cure" a predator of their urges.

And then you come to another recent case like this one here. Young, vulnerable boys systematically abused at a private prep school where parents send their children in the hope that they get a good education in a safe, friendly environment. It doesn't matter how old the person is, or indeed how long ago the offences took place - a man who preys on children should be removed from society, and especially a man who does so in a place where they are in such a vaunted position of trust.

I went to boarding school from the age of seven, and yes, my parents did love me !! My prep school was an all-boys school and I can remember several happy years playing a lot of sport, running wild in the woods (both at school and at home), and eating dreadful food that to this day I can't believe my parents were actually being charged for. At that age you have no idea of the sacrifices that your parents make to give you a private education, and no, I am not saying my education was any better or indeed worse than yours - my two girls are in state education, my wife is a secondary school teacher (she was also privately educated), and even if we could afford to educate our children privately we would not do so.

But I have always been grateful that I was perfectly useless at computers when I was at prep school, and I will tell you why. We were young kids, there was no internet, and things were just different back then. It came out when I was about 12 perhaps that some friends of mine at my school had been sexually abused by the computer teacher, but in those days it was just hushed up and the offending teacher left the school. I can remember the assembly when our headmaster told us that Mr. So and So had left the school because he was "ill", but we all knew what had happened. In this day and age the story would have been all over the papers and the offending teacher would I am sure have been prosecuted, but I think back to what happened and I just hope that this twisted individual never got close to children again.

I can remember asking a friend of mine at the school why on earth he didn't run away from this teacher, to which the reply was something like "because I was scared". Predators prey on children because they can. Kids are vulnerable. When you're a child you are not meant to know about that kind of stuff. I was awful at computers and as such I was never on this teacher's radar I suppose. I am not in touch with anybody from my prep school, but I have to wonder about how long that abuse went on and I can but hope that the affected children have managed to lead lives that have not been affected by such a shattering of innocence via an individual placed in a position of trust and then abusing that status in the most vile way possible. My apologies, this blog post should be all Christmassy, but recent stories in the press have brought about this rant, and with the weather we are getting at the moment I can hardly regale you with tales of wandering my local coastline with lure rod in hand. Have a good weekend and see you on Monday.....................

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