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The Friday Rant - 24.03.2013

It cannot have escaped your attention that an innocent human being was brutally murdered a couple of days ago in Woolwich by a couple of people who then claimed that it was a religious attack in retaliation against Muslim deaths via conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would assume that the heart of any decent human being goes out to the family of the soldier - Lee Rigby was only 25 years old and he had a two year old son who is now going to grow up without a father.

I personally don't give a stuff whether you are black, white, green or blue with purple spots, and I also don't care one bit what kind of god you worship. People are people in my book, and at the end of the day people are either good or bad. I don't do racism and I have no time for any hatred based upon colour or religion. Notwithstanding the tragic fact that an innocent person was slaughtered in such a barbaric and callous way, one of the saddest things for me to come out of this (yet again) is all the hatred that then spews forth because the killers are quoting some religious garbage which in turn creates even more racial and religious tension and violence.

To me it is very simple - the two men who killed that soldier should be put down like rabid dogs. They are diseased. They are without morals. They are without compassion and they have robbed an innocent man of his life and a family of their loved one. I just wish the armed police had "slipped" on their aim a bit and done what should have been done, but beyond any of my own personal feelings is the simple fact that those two men are cold-blooded killers who have then been shunned by the very religion they claimed to be killing on behalf of. And a family is left mourning a loved one.

I can't help but feel sad at the racially based reactions I have read about in the papers - when surely anybody with any shred of intelligence realises that this cowardly murder was nothing to do with religion and everything to do with a couple of twisted human beings who are no more than scum. It is right to feel anger and indignation that this kind of thing has happened on our streets, but it has to be wrong to then retaliate against other innocent people just because they have a different skin colour or share the same religion as those scum claimed to be a part of.

I can understand despising somebody for personal reasons or because they do something like those two people did to that poor soldier, but disliking or indeed hating a person should surely never be about skin colour or religion - I just don't understand this kind of hatred which at the end of the day is based for the most part on pure ignorance - which is racism in a nutshell is it not ? Let's not pretend that any one religion out there is any better or worse than the next one, and let's not try and pretend that retaliation against fellow human beings just because they might have a different colour skin or be of a different religious slant is in any way justified.

I don't personally do religion and a part of me can't help but think sometimes that a world without any religion could be a world full of far less conflict - but I also know that it's a cop out to think like this when in truth we are human beings and if it wasn't religion we were fighting about it would be (and often is) something else. You see the recent news and you can't really believe that it's real life, but the fact is that a family is now mourning a loved one and the killers might well live out their days in a prison with three square meals a day - after a trial that will no doubt cost the taxpayer (you and I) a fortune when they are bang to rights guilty anyway, and all the resulting publicity will do nothing more than help further fuel the fires of religious hatred that so sadly burn in our world. Maybe a part of the appeal of religion is the promise of a heaven or an afterlife where none of this hatred exists ?