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The Friday Rant - 25.01.2013

OK, so I was only delayed by a day coming home from my photography trip this week, but surely it can not have passed you by once again how seemingly inept we are as a country at dealing with the different weather we get here in the UK. Honestly, for a country as obsessed with the weather as we collectively are you would think we could cope with things a bit better.....................

But obviously not. I expected to see snow piled up in great big drifts when we touched down at Heathrow on Tuesday morning, but all I saw was what could only be described as a sprinkling of the white stuff, yet still there has been massive disruption once again at one of the busiest airports in the world. Is that three times in the last four years that our airports have been on their knees with the snow ?

Watch the news and you'd think we were in the grips of some seriously "extreme" weather, but let's get some perspective and think about say parts of Canada or the USA manage to keep on flying with levels of snow we can only dream about here in the UK. On my drive back to Cornwall on Tuesday it snowed a bit and I did consider pulling over to buy a snow shovel, hunker down in a hotel, call the emergency services and perhaps even fear for my very existence. Seriously, come on, let's get a bit of perspective here.

Fairly early on last year the talk on the news was of impending droughts for the UK - and so it then proceeded to rain for the rest of the year. Yes, like you I can't help but blame the press for the dire weather last year because they mentioned the word drought way before summer had even started, but seriously, should the UK have ended up being that crippled by the recent flooding ?

In no way am I belittling the effects of the flooding on people, rather questioning why here in the UK we seem to come to a complete standstill when we get this kind of weather thrown at us - and I am reluctant to refer to it as "extreme" when you hear about other parts of the world and what they can get when compared to us. How many of you are aware for example of the serious drought conditions throughout much of Texas in the USA ? And our powers that be start talking about hosepipe bans etc. Let's put a hammer through our TVs if we hear the word drought this year.

I enjoy sitting on a crowded, overpriced train about as much as I enjoy reading the garbage that spews forth from fishing experts' mouths, but surely such a vital transport infrastructure should better be able to deal with floods, leaves and snow ? Any of you who commute on the trains for your work have my respect for what you have to put up with from time to time, and deep down we know it ain't remotely right. But of course we are British, and we take it with a stiff upper lip because we have always done so. Shhh, somebody might be listening, so we'd better not complain. Oh, and let's pay more for the privilege while we're at it.

And then when we get this "extreme" weather, let's all continue to behave like idiots. Let's drive up each other's backsides in icy conditions. Let's see a flooded bit of road and drive at it like we're in a racing car and then wonder why our cars conk out. Let's slip over on an icy pavement and try to blame somebody else because we couldn't find our brains and exercise a bit more care. And while we're at it, let's have a moan about the weather and how we (don't) deal with it !! Who, me ?

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