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The Friday Rant - 25.05.12

Honestly, what is it with some people ? Look, I am not going to try and pretend to you that I have any patience because essentially I don't, but is it wrong to even feel like turning your car around, following somebody, pulling them over and then doing what is required ? I wouldn't for a second just in case you were wondering, but just sometimes it does feel like it might be required. Let me explain..........

I was going fishing the other afternoon and as I was driving towards the mark I came across a horse on the road being ridden by what looked like a youngish girl. It was just before the little village of Antony when you have to slow down anyway, and as much as horses don't do it for me, I would of course always kill my speed right down anywhere near a horse. Who wouldn't ? I dropped into first gear and hung back as traffic coming the opposite way made their way past the horse and rider, and then when the road looked clear I pulled right out nice and slowly, drove wide past the horse (the girl kindly waved thank you) and then as I got past her and was just about to start gently accelerating away I noticed in my rear view mirror that the horse was getting nervous and was across the road and not looking that happy. So of course I held off accelerating and even waved an oncoming car to slow down. Again, who wouldn't ?

But literally as this happened and I held off accelerating away in my high performance 100,000 mile plus Ford Focus diesel family estate which has not been cleaned inside or out for at least six years now (it's a glamorous life !!), the bloke behind me in one of those MPV/Chelsea tractor things suddenly blasts his horn at me and starts making what I might term "what could make you go blind if you do too much of it" signals with his hands at me. You what ? Seriously ? I couldn't believe it. There's me trying not to spook a horse any more than it already seemed to be and now I've got some idiot behind me sitting on his horn and kindly gesticulating his strange feelings to me. You have got to be kidding, surely. What is up with some people in this world ? He turned off left towards Whitsand and I carried on, but it left me in a serious rage that people like this are even allowed a place on this wonderful planet to drive around behaving like complete and utter idiots. Yes, a part of me thought about turning around, finding the guy and doing what was required, but of course I would never act upon these feelings as it would do no more than make me as bad as him. But there ain't no harm in dreaming about pummelling the guy into submission and forcing him to apologise to me and the horse rider. Or is it wrong to even feel like that ?

So what is it with some people ? Are they really in that much of a hurry to get somewhere that they can't spend a few extra minutes making sure that a horse and a young rider don't come to harm ? If you live in the countryside then you know how to behave on the road with animals about, and surely if you are a visitor to an area then you would want to try and help out by behaving like a decent human being and not some swamp-dwelling piece of decaying matter that would be better off being trod under the soles of my spiked wading boots. Am I being harsh here ? OK, so I calmed myself down before I got to my fishing spot and perhaps I am as bad as the bloke who sat on his horn at me for wishing him all kind of ills for how he behaved, but surely we could all just slow down a notch and realise that life really isn't so hectic that a few minutes here and there to do the right thing isn't going to cause us any hassle in the great scheme of things.