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The gear that worked for me in Ireland - Part 1 - hard lures

The great thing about these very intensive trips we do over to Ireland is that one tends to get the time to properly use, abuse and then evaluate lots of different bits of gear. Much as many magazine reviews have to be (rightly or wrongly) based around initial and often short-lived impressions, I therefore love the chance to really push my fishing gear hard and see what comes out of it. This blog post is about some of the hard lures that worked for me on the Irish bass stocks, and what really came through to me was how much more time I need to give some of the smaller lures............I have also put a whack load more info up on the Fishing Tackle part of this website right here. Lures, rods, reels, accessories, lines etc.


IMA Komomo SF125, "new version" - as I thought so, this newer updated version carries on killing. Without a doubt it also casts better into a headwind than the older version, but the action looks the same to me - and that is a very good thing. More of the guys I was fishing with on the two trips I saw were now carrying these lures and catching well on them. Is the word finally getting around that the Komomo SF125 is an easy to use killer bass lure ? Hope so. Love it.


The IMA/DUO Nabarone 125F - what more can I say ? I hooked and then lost the largest bass I have ever made contact with on this very lure in the NB009 colour you can see here (more to come on red belly lures). I was using this Nabarone 125F on some very shallow, rough ground when the fish hit.


IMA Salt Skimmer - aside from punching the heavier (and classic) Xorus Patchinko into a strong headwind, I am not personally aware of any other surface lure out there that casts as outrageously well as this new Salt Skimmer. A bit heavier than the freshwater version that did well for me last year, this new saltwater Skimmer just flies like the proverbial arrow and thus helps you cover huge amounts of water.. Oh, and it catches bass big time as well. I like that it lands softly and is very easy to work with an exaggerated side to side/WTD kind of motion - the Salt Skimmer really does turn hard from side to side, almost to the point where it sometimes looks like it's going to turn back on itself. This a surface lure that makes a clicking noise when it works due to something inside, and again, bass obviously turn on to this. Although it might not look like it, this is also a very stable lure in choppy conditions, indeed the most savage bass hit I have ever had came when using this exact IMA Salt Skimmer in some conditions that were just starting to become more lively after a calm spell.


IMA Sasuke SF-95 - what is not to like about this little lure if you already like the Sasuke kind of action ? It swims really shallow if needs be, casts very well for its size, and it caught me a few nice fish. The shallow diving member of the IMA Sasuke family........


MegaBass FX-9 saltwater version - killer, plain and simple. Not sure quite how a little hard lure like this can cast so stupidly well, but it flies on the right gear. Swims nice and shallow if needs be with a very intense kind of roll that makes the sides almost flash as they catch the light. You need to be aware that as with the Gataride, this little FX-9 has a moving bib that can break if you smash it into a rock - which I did !! But this lure caught me some nice bass, and especially when conditions were tough - calm and bright with little life to the sea. Do smaller hard lures have a real place in a lure box when conditions are less than ideal ? MegaBass just seem to keep on producing awesome lures - please could they make an 110mm and a 140mm version of this little FX-9 ?


IMA Komomo II 90 - just a seriously dangerous bass lure. Casts very well, swims shallow but not as ultra-shallow as the larger Komomo II, but the big thing for me is that this new 90 version just grips or "bites into" the water so well, and to the point when I was using it and catching on it in some pretty lively conditions. We had some situations where we were fishing productive shallow ground with a real chop on, and finding very shallow diving lures that really bite in hard is not that easy. Again, another smaller hard lure that did really well for a bunch of us on these recent Irish trips, with some good bass taken on them. Seems to have more of an exaggerated action than the original Komomo II, almost to the point of being a cross between the SF125 and the original Komomo II if that makes sense. And it flies big time.


IMA Molmo 80 - I really like the MegaBass Do-Rum, but it is not cheap at all. This little Molmo seems to have a similar action to the Do-Rum, and although it swims shallow, it does not swim as ultra-shallow as I thought it might. No harm though, it caught bass for me almost straight away. I need to fish with it more though to really get to grips with what it can do.


IMA Sasuke 140S - just what I was after. Another sinking version of an already killer lure (like the DUO Tide Minnow 145 SLD-S for example), this Sasuke 140S (sinking) really does cast well into a headwind, and in some bad conditions it just bit down really hard to the point that I never actually saw it being spat out by the rough seas. When things get interesting this IMA Sasuke 140S is now one of my go-to lures. All we need to see now is a sinking version of the MegaBass X-140.

Anyway, plenty more to come in due course. By now you have most likely gathered that I have a serious problem when it comes to bass fishing gear, but in my defence I would say that a lot of this testing is merely "research". Right !! Say that with a straight face Henry. And if you need to check up on what I am talking about here then give the lads at Absolute Fishing over in Tramore a shout and see what they are using and selling themselves. The great thing though that there is with this fishing thing is that there are no rights or wrongs, and as much as I hope this blog provides some helpful information and/or food for thought, I am just like the next angler in that I am always on the lookout for info and feedback myself.