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The “how to make it a bit easier to have a pee when you’re wearing waders” trick

I feel a tad stupid here for two reasons - firstly that I am actually blogging about making it a little easier to have a pee when you’re wearing waders, and secondly that I had kind of assumed that loads of anglers were aware of this “trick” as such, when in fact it seems that they (you?) are not. I pointed this trick out to a couple of lads last year who had no idea about it, and after showing it to another lad yesterday who had never heard of it as well, I thought it was about time I did a blog post about it…………..

So let’s imagine it’s bucketing it down with rain and you’re snug as a bug in your breathable waders and waterproof jacket, but like me you’ve drunk a whole heap of coffee, you’re getting older, and now you’re dying for a pee. In a perfect world I don’t want to have to take my jacket off to do so, but you know as well as I do that when you unclip your wader straps that the sodding things tend to disappear over your back as you pull the front of your waders down and grab what needs to be grabbed to have a pee. And because the sodding wader straps have disappeared up and over your back, after your pee you now need to take your wading jacket off to locate them, bring them up over your back, clip them back into place, and then put your jacket back on - and if it’s really lamping it down you get wet for no good reason.

So have you ever wondered why on earth that when you unclip your wader straps, there’s a male and a female clip (as per the photo above), instead of say two male clips on the end of the straps going into two female clips that are attached to your waders? What on earth is the point of this? And if you don’t see this on your waders then this trick ain’t going to work for you.

Anyway, let’s assume that you have unclipped your wader straps and you’re holding a female clip in one hand and a male in the other - and apologies, but I can’t think of better terms for these clip-ends than male and female. A guy showed me this trick many moons ago and I have been doing it ever since - clip your wader straps to each other as per the photo above, and if your wader straps are elasticated (which they should be), now you can pull the front of your waders down, grab what needs to be grabbed to have that pee, and because the straps are secured as per above, the sodding straps ain’t going to ping up and over your back.

OK, so it might not be the most comfortable pee you’ve ever had, and it can require a certain amount of contortion as the straps tighten around your neck as you go go grab what needs to be grabbed, but it bloody works. No more wader straps disappearing over your back though, and no more having to take your wading jacket off just to have a pee when wearing a pair of waders. Finish up, clip your straps back in place, and carry on fishing.

And if this trick doesn’t float your boat then either you are wearing a pair of waders with a zip (smug git!), or you’re bloody well lying about the size of that which needs to be grabbed to have a pee! So there you go - a top tip that will give you easier access to your own top tip. Tee hee. Have a good weekend and I hope to see some of you at the BASS AGM on Sunday where I am doing a talk on fishing photography. Hoping that the people there manage to stay awake………….