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The HTO Nebula 90M 9’ 7-35g (my best lure rod of 2017), is back in stock in the UK and Ireland - yippee!

First off, please take this blog post as it's meant to be - which is me being genuinely over the moon to see such a good value for money lure fishing rod back in stock much earlier than I had originally been informed. Please don’t take this blog post as me trying to get you to buy this amazing lure fishing rod through my affiliate links. For sure I will link you through to somewhere below that does have an affiliate scheme with me, but as per my disclaimers that I always put up, if you are after this rod then you need to know that of course it’s available from other tackle shops. 


It’s not often that a lure fishing rod comes along which impresses me as much as this new HTO Nebula 9’ (2.7m) 7-35g. There’s more and more really good lure fishing gear out there these days for us addicts to lay our hands on, but just sometimes an item of tackle pops up that to me represents something that I absolutely love using AND it’s at a ridiculously good price. This 9’ 7-35g Nebula is just that item of tackle (review here), and I have fished with it now for long enough to know that it’s almost stupidly good. I have tried and tried but I can’t trip it up. I have absolutely full blooded cast with a 35g casting jig (and caught bass on it) but the rod doesn’t feel as if it’s really trying, yet with a 6’’ OSP DoLive Stick on it this rod feels utterly sublime.

If you like an EX FAST (as per HTO describe it) precision wand of a lure fishing rod that’s going to cover so much of the bass, pollack and wrasse lure fishing you may well do, plus you don’t want to spend a heap of cash, then find a way if you can of at least getting a look at this Nebula. Seriously, I am in this slightly strange position of having some lure rods here that are worth far more than this “kinda budget” Nebula, yet I am choosing to fish with it over them. I don’t have to, it’s my choice what I fish with, but it’s that good for how I do a lot of my lure fishing that I want to keep fishing with it.


I don’t know if my blog review of this rod had any kind of effect, but soon after I wrote it this particular 9’ 7-35g Nebula sold out here in the UK and Ireland. To me it proves that lure anglers tend to be on the lookout for a quality fishing rod at an incredible price, and as much as I have been fishing most of the time now with the review copy of the rod that I have here (oops, I’ve sort of forgotten to return it to HTO!), I have also felt a bit guilty that I’ve got one here when I know that there have been anglers out there looking to buy one. I was told by HTO that there would be a load more Nebula rods back in the UK for most likely January or February 2018, but then a little birdy told me earlier this week that in fact they were going to be back in stock either right now, or over the next few days.

Does Father Christmas know how good you have been this year? I am constantly trying to be as good as possible here at home because my daughters are forever reminding me that I won’t be getting a stocking if I misbehave. Yes, I know, it’s meant to be the other way round! If Father Christmas is true - and let’s be honest, he must be, because I keep getting parcels of DoLive Sticks in the post that I can’t remember if I ordered or not? - then he has done him and his reindeer proud this year by making sure the Nebula rods are back in the UK before the year is out.

If this blog post is of absolutely no interest to you then I wish you a good weekend and I’ll see you back here next week. I don’t usually do blog posts like this, but with how much feedback I have been getting about these outstanding HTO Nebula rods I thought it might be helpful to keep you addicts up to date. There is a very good, slightly more powerful version of that 7-35g Nebula that I have fished with and reviewed here, plus a bunch more rods in the range that I haven’t fished with yet. Have a good weekend, and remember, Father Christmas is watching!


Disclosure - if you buy anything using links found in this blog post or around my website, I may make a commission. It doesn’t cost you any more to buy via these affiliate links - and please feel entirely free not to do so of course - but it will help me to continue producing content. Thank you.