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The inaugural Cornish Lure Festival - this coming weekend.....

Now who could have imagined an event like this a few years ago ? The world of saltwater fishing is changing and adapting so quickly in the UK and Ireland, and this weekend sees the first Cornish Lure Festival taking place - fishing is from when you sign in anytime after 12 noon on Friday 1st July until 1pm on Sunday 3rd July, and fishing takes place anywhere on the magnificent Cornish coastline. The best way to find out about this event is to check this website right here - all the info you could possibly need is here, but you can also call the organisers here if needs be.

This inaugural lure festival is the brainchild of Ben over at the Art of Fishing tackle shop in St. Merryn, close to Padstow on the north coast. The competition is more about just having a wonderful few days lure fishing around Cornwall, although of course there is a relaxed competitive element to it - with a number of prizes on offer. There is a principal bass lure fishing section to the event, plus a species hunt where the aim is to nail as many different fish species on lures as possible - and Cornwall is the perfect part of the UK to do this of course. Ben has secured some top sponsors for this event, including Ecogear, Marukyu, Nories and Sunline. I am guessing that the prizes might be somewhat desirable !!

But as much as just the holding of this brand new event is already impressing me hugely, what makes me most pleased is that the organisers have adopted a complete catch and release format to the entire event. Check here for full details, but basically the actual weights of fish means nothing for this competition - instead it's all about length of fish, so that they can be measured, photographed and then successfully returned. I personally do not believe that there could be any other way to run such an event as this, and I wholeheartedly applaud the Art of Fishing people for going completely catch and release - and for so generously trusting that all entrants will abide by the rules and make this an event to remember. I would so love to be coming along and photographing the first Cornish Lure Festival, but I am heading back over to Ireland at the end of the week. Best of luck to all who enter, and I can't wait to hear how it all goes. There is a get-together in the Farmers' Arms pub in St. Merryn from about 1pm on Sunday where the prizes will be dished out and no doubt a bunch of anglers can yap fishing to their hearts' content !! Perfect.......