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The moon and bass on lures at night - what’s the story?

I was out in the early hours of Saturday morning, and whilst my experience of night fishing for bass with lures is at best limited, conditions seemed to be as good for where we were fishing - save for the fact that there was a great big full moon shining down on us. We had a couple of hard hits on white senkos from what I am assuming were bass, and we were also bumped a bunch of times by cuttlefish, but as much as it was a beautiful night on the beach, from the off I could not help but suffering from a lack of confidence with that moon shining so brightly……….

Should I be worrying about a full moon when going night lure fishing for bass? I can’t help but think back to say my bait days chasing something like bull huss, and bearing in mind that I was fishing mostly shallowish rough ground, a visible full moon was the kiss of death. I actually had some my best huss fishing on full moon tides, but it was either very cloudy or pissing it down, and of course you know that on a new moon set of springs it’s going to be dark anyway. Are there parallels to bass fishing with lures at night?

I simply don’t know enough about lure fishing at night for bass to be able to say yet whether I have found any patterns as regards a full or a new moon, but I can’t pretend that it feels great to have a great big bright moon lighting things up so much that you can pretty clearly see your white senko when it comes in closer on the retrieve. Now it was particularly calm and clear in the early hours of Saturday morning, so I wonder if perhaps a load of current (estuary etc.) or at least some wave-chop would lessen that influence of a bright moon? If that bright moon does actually affect the bass fishing at night anyway, because save for those couple of hard bangs on the rop tips, might it simply have been one of those nights when there weren’t many fish around?

Any of you out there with some proper experience of chucking lures at night for bass? What are your thoughts on a bright, visible moon when you’re out fishing? If I think back to the bass I have caught and seen on lures at night (as I said, my experience is limited), I can’t recall a great big full or near full moon shining down. I remember when I first saw night lure fishing “done properly’ by Keith White and his brother Kevin over in Jersey (check here), it was drizzling and they were fishing in a strong current. I can think of various nights out on the rocks chasing huss and ray when it was all fishing fine until the cloud cover broke and the moon lit up proceedings - and the fishing just died. Is a bright, visible moon having a similar effect on lure fishing for bass at night? I love how lure fishing throws up so many questions, and I would hazard a guess that some of you here have some interesting information and thoughts that you might be willing to share via the comments section below. My thanks in advance.