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The most ridiculous pollack fishing I have ever seen

I used to go wreck fishing as much as I could many moons ago, and of course big pollack were always high on the agenda, but then a few kind souls opened my eyes up to catching them on the offshore reefs in slightly shallower water and slightly lighter gear - but for all the bigger pollack you may well catch doing this, I’ll take the really light tackle, close inshore pollacking any day of the week, and the session our clients had a couple of days ago was just ridiculous. Holy frigging cow it was some epic fishing, and the beaming smiles that lit up an up and down day weather wise made those hours on the boat pass far, far too quickly………

At one point you could have hit our boat with a lure cast from the shore, and I don’t reckon we covered any water more than 50’ deep - and for the most part it was around 25’-40’. If there was a five minute spell when the pollack weren’t feeding hard I think that could be generous, and whilst the largest fish might have nudged towards the 7lb mark, I just can’t see how fishing can get more fun than smashing fish like that on light gear in shallow water, and out of what had to have been more than one hundred pollack successfully landed, only one fish died on us. I don’t feel entirely comfortable these days fishing for deeper-water pollack that all then have to be put in a fish box (and yes, I have done plenty of it), indeed for most of the fish it was a case of John or I leaning over the side of the boat and simply slipping the barbless single hooks out and watching the pollack swim back down to the reef. And for the deeper hooked fish it was a case of lifting them on board, getting the hook out, and then slipping them back. I must also give Matt the Fiiish designer his dues - he has told me many times that the pink Fiiish Crazy Sandeel is a killer colour for pollack, and I am able to confirm that it absolutely smashes them. You might have gathered that I have a growing obsession with “Le Crazy”, and to see Nathaniel especially hammer so many pollack on the drop on that lure was fantastic. To be fair though, the SG Sandeel was also proving killer for Paul.

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I would hope that a lot of what John and I do together is about putting smiles on the faces of our clients - sure, it’s great when hordes of big fish crawl up the line, but I like to think that we work hard at what we do and have a hell of a giggle doing it almost regardless of what happens with the fishing. I think it’s fair to say that our four clients were absolutely made up with that inshore boat fishing. I managed to persuade Tim to take his 1-12g Graphiteleader Tiro EX lure rod out for the pollack fishing and he had an absolute blast, indeed he was able to bang out a 20g lure on the rod with real ease - please note that I am saying Tim was able to do so rather than please go and overload your rods!! I like how there’s no need to change over from the tackle the guys would use for bass fishing from the shore around here, so Paul and Nathaniel stayed with those insane Major Craft Skyroad lure rods for the boat fishing - we have a 9’ and an 8’6’’ here for our clients to use, and they are just so impressive on bass, pollack, wrasse etc. I know how much I like these rods, but it’s always interesting to stand back and watch our clients really put the rods through their paces - crumbs, talk about a fast recovery on them. They make rather good inshore boat rods as well!! More to come, but I need to get this blog post up and get the guys out fishing again after another early start and then a rather blinding breakfast back at the ranch.