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The Open Golf - bass fishing ?

I don't know if any of you here are into golf, but I have been watching a lot of the current British Open golf which is being held at Turnberry on the south west coast of Scotland. The golf has been epic, but that aside, has anybody else been watching it and thinking one main thought - that bit of coastline where the golf course it situated looks awesome for bass fishing !! Honestly, there is a mass of shallow, rocky bays, loads of gullies and holes, you name it, the area looks fantastic for fishing and of course golf. But I think the course might be just out of my price range to play !! At least the fishing is free.

The BBC is really good at providing lots of stunning looking wide shots of the course and surrounding area, and from the first morning I was struck at just how good the coastline looks for a bit of bass fishing...............surely there must be anglers out there who fish this part of the world with lures ? Looks awesome to me. Nice bit of life on the sea up there at the moment as well. I fully expect the cameras to pan round and find a lure angler banging out shallow divers on a bright red Tenryu rod.

Bass fishing aside, I can't believe that 59 year old Tom Watson is leading the Open by one stroke - the last time he won at Turnberry was in 1977, when I was four years old !! Can he go on a win it today ? Perhaps a romantic, nostalgic thought, but I can see no reason why not. Tom Watson seems to be calmness personified out there. What a story that would be. Tiger misses the cut having played like a drain because he can't keep the ball under control in the wind, yet a 59 year old former Open Champion keeps swinging sweetly and keeps on smiling at everybody. What a true gent. Come on Tom, you can do it...........

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