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The perfect bass fishing conditions ?

Yesterday morning we headed out along the Copper Coast and found what I would guess are just about the most perfect bass fishing conditions you could hope to have - a bit of lift on the sea, excellent clarity, virtually no weed in the water and we even had dense fog/mist as well. We took a bit of a punt and fished a new mark and the fish were on almost from the off..........

If the conditions themselves were perfect then the actual spot we fished has to be just about the most incredible looking bass ground I have ever seen - but then Ireland keeps on surprising me each and every time I make the journey over. Imagine a spot that's pretty easy to get down to and offers acres of rough and broken ground that is easily reachable from the beach, indeed as the tide strips back you then begin to get a sense of just how perfect the place is. Boulders, holes, gullies, reefs, shallow spots, deeper spots, you name it this place has the lot in spades, in fact I dreamt about it last night.

Ger took this 6lb plus fish on an IMA Sasuke 120 and also lost a fish behind a section of reef that he put at over 8lbs. Earlier on he had a treble hook snapped clean off by a bass that hit like a train right over the top of a stunning section of reef. Andy did well on a DUO Tide Minnow Slim 140 that he squirrelled out at the last moment like a magician producing a rabbit from a top hat. Thanks to the lads I fish with around the Copper Coast I got to see and fish a bunch of new spots on this trip and I can't wait to get back and learn more about them. Miles and miles of perfect bass territory, and although to be fair the bass fishing has been up and down in southern Ireland this year (weather all over the place ?), some almighty fish have been caught and continue to show up, and there's a general sense that the place might be about to go off in spectacular style...............I hope I'm there when it does !!

No two tides are ever the same. We went back to the same spot at the same stage of the tide yesterday evening and blanked. I had a bass on briefly that threw the hooks, but otherwise it was as if the switch had been turned off momentarily. I did get a phone call though from the lads we fished with in Kerry the other day (and on a proper mobile phone that's got big buttons) - yesterday afternoon they went to check out a new spot to see how it might fish, and pretty quickly Seamus took a huge 79cm/roughly 10-11lb bass on one of those soft plastic Wave Fishing Bamboo Stick things. He told me that he tried virtually all his hard lures through an awesome looking gully but had not a sniff, so he changed to a weightless soft plastic and smashed yet another big bass. They have got some serious bass fishing around their area that I am going to do all I can to get back to sometime soon. We're on the ferry back home now and I can't wait to see my family and hopefully spend a few days enjoying some of the sunshine that's turned up. Plenty more to come............

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