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The perfect Christmas present

Loathe though I am to have to say it, it's getting fairly close to Christmas - so where has this year gone ? Most of you probably don't know that it is now possible to buy some of my photos as prints, canvasses, framed prints etc., all by clicking on the black banner in the top right corner of the website pages that says "Prints for Sale". Check here and let me save you the hassle. I reckon they would make great Christmas presents - but then I would say that !! Seriously though, fishing can be such a visually impressive thing when it all comes together, and being out there all the time also gives one a far greater range of photos than simply fishing.

I have made sure to put loads of different kinds of photos up there for sale, including lots of bass fishing, landscapes and seascapes, fly fishing, saltwater fly fishing and even some music stuff as well. Check out the above photo here. I don't like banging the commercial drum on this blog, but I kept getting asked about buying prints of my photos, so I then took a bit of time to find the right people to do it for me direct from my website.

By no means am I am a wildlife photographer, but by virtue of some of the places I go the opportunity to nail some different stuff comes around from time to time, like this booby that was sitting in a tree on one of the outer atolls of the Seychelles. Note that big blue sky and lack of rain. Have a look at this photo here.

This is without doubt in my top five favourite bass fishing photos that I have ever taken - it just did it for me the moment I visualised the shot over in Ireland a few years ago. Big bass, just the right amount of sunlight to allow this shot without all kinds of crazy reflections and burn-out going on, and I also happened to be carrying my macro (close up) lens at the time. That predator eye seems to follow me around when I look at it - check it out here.

When conditions go off it can make for the most extraordinary scenes - a flat calm morning, really warm, with a heavy covering of sea mist just allowing the sun to burn through and enable me to silhouette the rocks and the fisherman and retain all those stunning colours in the sky and the sun. See this photo here.

Or how about this kind of photo ? Kind of menacing I thought when I framed it up, but I just have always had a thing for crabs anyway. Not sure how normal that is, but any angler knows all about peeler crabs and their allure for so many different fish. Check this photo out here.

The gig at the White Rabbit on Monday night here in Plymouth was just awesome - Insomnium was the main band I wanted to see, but I was a bit worried about their intricate melodies on their recorded albums coming through to the live environment. They were simply outstanding though, and the whole vibe came across big time. The sound was good, the band was giving it everything, and the whole thing just blew me away. Some bands seem to transcend their albums and come across really well live, and I would now put Insomnium in that bracket. How cool is it that we get one of Finland's best metal bands coming to play here in Plymouth ? Another reason why the south west is a great place to live.

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