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The perfect combination of everything going wrong!!

OK, so it’s not quite the perfect storm out here on the south coast of Ireland, but if you could bring together a bunch of factors that would contribute to messing the fishing up, then let me assure you that we’ve got them!! I gave up drinking at eighteen years old, but when the weather and conditions are like they currently are, I tell you, I am sorely tempted to see if this Guinness stuff is half as good as people say it is. Underwater Swahili anybody?

What can you do? On the last set of springs it seemed as if Ireland was alive with bass. John Quinlan was smashing them with his clients down in Kerry and around here on the south coast, well I don’t remember hearing about a better start to the year for a while now. I do enough of these trips to be entirely realistic about things, and Steve’s in the same boat as me there, but even so I am looking at the heavens and wondering what on earth I might have done to summon the wrath of the bass gods. I keep looking at the forecast and imagining how my local coastline back home is also rather messed up.

We did actually find some good water yesterday, and on my first run through the current with a Black Minnow I had a couple of tentative knocks - hopes were most certainly raised, only to be dashed when neither of us had another bite for nearly the whole ebb tide. It was a rather lovely 6.35 mile walk for not a sniff of a fish, with just about every kind of weather thrown at us that can happen in spring - hats and gloves to then wishing I had worn sunscreen to then hardly being able to see because the rain’s hitting you in the face so hard. The sort of gear we wear these days is just so damned impressive - I will blog about these new waders I am wearing sometime soon, because I am currently of the opinion that they are the best non-Simms waders I have ever come across.

I will also blog about this lure rod I have been using recently, albeit I snapped the tip in two places on the cast yesterday afternoon when we managed to find a bit of clarity out on the open coast. I have been wracking my brain trying to think if I inadvertently dinged the rod somewhere along the line, and with how effortlessly the thing has been chucking out all manner of lures for weeks now, I have to think that I must have done something wrong without realising. I can’t remember ever breaking a lure rod on the cast, but this one just went, and then to top it off the sea by now was seriously raging and surging up the pebbles, and it went and washed one of the broken sections away!! However well you think you are doing at this fishing thing, I love how the sport goes and kicks you in the proverbials from time to time……..

If there is one thing that whacking lures out into really heavy conditions has proved to me once again, it’s that I don’t personally own a hard lure that casts and grips any better than the IMA Hound 125F Glide - I am sure the other Hound lures go just as well, but I have most experience with the Glide, and it never ceases to amaze me how this thing gets out there. Most of these kinds of hard lures are going to catch bass when they are on the hunt, but the Hound Glide is always the first lure that goes in my box when there’s a sniff of rougher seas - give me more time with the new, larger 140 version, but from a bunch of casts the other day, it doesn’t seem to go out as well as the smaller 125 model. I know that some anglers really like the larger hard lures, but it seems to me that it ain’t always the big stuff that gets out there the best - bearing in mind of course that distance is rarely the be all and end all of bass fishing.

Run away, run away!!

Run away, run away!!

Anyway, we will keep at it and see what turns up. Today is raging W/NW, and although this does afford a little shelter to some areas, in truth most of the water around here is currently in bad shape. It doesn’t help that there’s been some serious rain to also blow the estuaries out as well, but I guess that when you get kicked properly, you might as well go the whole hog and have most of your backup options wrecked as well!! As bad as conditions are out here though, I know full well that on another trip out here when it all comes together and Ireland shows us why we come here so often for fishing, then all those memories of getting abused by the weather will float off into the ether as if they never happened. Steve and I know how good it can be out here, and that is why we come - we accept that it’s going to go wrong sometimes, but wow doesn’t that make the good sessions taste so much better.