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The place, the people, the fishing, the fish, the work - for me it’s the perfect combination out here in Kerry

Apologies for the lack of updates, but this guiding work gets hectic, plus of course we had that ridiculously epic World Cup cricket final on Sunday that had me literally weeping with tension and then finally utter elation at the result. I have loved cricket since I was seven years old, and to win the World Cup was bloody incredible, both in the way it all unfolded and also because the last four years has finally seen us catch up with the rest of the world in one day cricket - and then overtake them to lift the trophy. Sporting finals are rarely an easy watch, but damn that one could not have been any better scripted………...


Our first group of anglers left yesterday morning, and while they were here we had some of the most sublime summer weather I think I have ever seen in Kerry - which of course is not exactly ideal for bass fishing, but we worked at it and the lads did really well to catch a few fish. We also had an amazing session out on the boat on the pollack, and one of the lads even had a nice ling which was turned into fish and chips the next evening. I love my bass fishing and I love helping our people catch them, but it is such a blast to watch somebody working a lure for pollack and then get absolutely slammed by one! Inshore pollack are so much more beautiful than the ones I used to chase on the deepwater wrecks many moons ago, and on a bass lure rod from boat or shore I don’t really see how fishing can be any more fun.


We took our second group out yesterday evening and fished on into dark for a while. The conditions were very good with plenty of sandeels around and one lad caught a mackerel on his first cast from the beach which had to be a good sign that there was a food source around. A few bass were caught in the dark and I don’t think any of them had ever done this kind of bass fishing before, and we have now woken up to some proper Kerry bass fishing weather this morning! A little moisture in the sky………….


I was telling you about that Sandeel Pencil lure the other day that I think Savage Gear are bringing to the market sometime soon, and it’s been interesting how this little sandeel has worked well at night out here on a simple straight retrieve - exactly the same as I would fish a senko or a needlefish, and it never ceases to amaze me how a fish can pick up such subtle movement in waves and darkness. I do love lures that are nice and easy to fish with, both for myself and for our anglers, and especially at night when a lot of people are not used to doing their lure fishing.


Anyway, I had better head off and get back at it. I hope you are all finding a few fish wherever you might be doing your fishing. This is one special part of the world out here in south west Ireland and I consider it a privilege to be able to head out here and do some work. Standing on that great big beach last night as darkness descended and the moon was peeking out from behind a few clouds was as good as fishing gets to me - and I wasn’t even fishing!