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The Rolls Royce of fishing magazines.......

There are some mighty fine fishing magazines from all around the world out there, but the Australian based Fishing Wild is something seriously special - to put it mildly, it's just mind-blowingly impressive, and I am somewhat chuffed/stoked/over the moon to have just got the latest issue through the post with a big article of mine in there on that Mongolia trip I did last September with some guys from Aardvark McLeod. I get a huge kick out of seeing my words and photos in a publication as downright awesome as Fishing Wild - the fact that I have never done any kind of photography classes or stuff like that must prove that more people in fishing should be having a go at making our sport look as impressive as we all know it to be. If I can do it...............

I have been aware of Fishing Wild ever since a mate brought me a copy back from a fishing trip he did to Australia a few years back - I am sure there are loads of us who are fascinated by all the different kinds of fishing that goes on around the world, and this stunning looking publication just takes the breath away. I have heard the magazine being referred to as the National Geographic of fishing magazines if that is any help. The editor Col Roberts (some info on him is here) has got a scary amount of talent for making fishing look hugely impressive, and it makes me seriously proud to have some of my material in a publication like this. Mongolia itself was one of the most special places I have ever had the fortune to visit, from both a fishing and a photography point of view.

Fishing Wild deals with all kinds of awesome looking fishing, with a big emphasis on what goes on Down Under - I can't imagine how fishing can look or be any better than some of the stuff they have got in Australia. I know lots of us will not be doing the kinds of fishing that goes on in a magazine like this, but I just love reading about and looking at cool photos of exciting fishing. If you are interested, you can subscribe to Fishing Wild right here.Check out some of the prints they are selling here. Just a top notch fishing magazine that should be seen more over here in the UK. "Our" fishing might not be in there I can hear some anglers saying, but there is never anything wrong with a bit of dreaming..............life's too short to be closed off.

I work for lots of different people in lots of different places, but never for one second have I lost the thrill at seeing my work in print - I guess that this comes about principally because I have never had any training, and a part of me keeps on expecting to get caught out because of this !! I really love pushing my work out there and seeing what happens. Scary at times when you are trying to make a living, and very occasionally I do wonder what it must be like to have a guaranteed pay cheque every month, but I just love the buzz of working for myself and making it happen. It does take a certain amount of self-discipline, but I would struggle to do anything else.

A couple of months ago somebody asked me if I was tempted to watch TV all day because I worked from home !! To which I replied "I can't fake this. If I don't do the work, I simply don't get paid". They looked a bit surprised !! Much as I am proud of those TV fishing shows I have done, nothing gives me more of a kick or a buzz in my working life than when clients who don't have a second clue who I am take my work based purely on its quality. We all need to be stimulated to work effectively and more creatively, and seeing my stuff in a publication like Fishing Wild certainly stokes the old fires in a really positive way...........

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