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The serious stuff starts today

It's as awesome as I remember, indeed you can't help looking around here with your jaw dropped to the floor in some extreme hound dog style. Snow-capped mountains ring this whole Skeena river system like some perfect frame and it's quite simply great to be back out here with the Nicholas Dean lot. The flights were easy and everything ran according to plan, and because I arrived a few hours earlier than the rest of the guys I was even able to get out taking photos of Dustin fishing for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. Trout fishing the margins in BC, doesn't get much better if you ask me......

It's just before 6am here now, and this morning the proper stuff begins. Today I am off to the coast where we will jet-boat into some remote coastal river and then hike back upriver. This is what I have really come to see, the spring coastal steelhead fishing and I can't wait to get going. The story is that the steelhead in these smaller rivers are seriously feisty fish that really run hard. I have come prepared for all kinds of weather as you have to do out here, indeed there is still a fair bit of snow lying around on the ground around the lodge, but yesterday was like a warm UK spring day and it was just glorious to be out on a river in BC once again. Plenty more to come............

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