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The simplest things are usually the best

Isn't it so often the way that the most uncomplicated bits of kit are often the best and most useful ? I have got hold of a brand new little book called the "RYA Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots", and I reckon it is just fantastic. Small, simple, uncluttered, very easy to follow and understand, and what's more it is waterproof - this kind of thing really appeals to me. And it's a very cheap book to buy, check out the price here. There are a lot of fishermen out there who could benefit from carrying a little book like this with them - I reckon I am ok on my knots, but there are various ones in there that I had no idea about. Don't they always say that you learn something every day ? The learning process never stops in fishing, indeed that is a huge part of the appeal to me.

I have not seen the other two RYA pocket guides on rigs and baits, but if they are anything like the Fishing Knots book then they deserve a proper look at. Ex-Plymouth charter skipper Jim O'Donnell is listed as the technical editor /author for these books, and I know exactly how much work goes into a book of any size or length, so all credit due to the guy for helping the RYA get these things onto the market. From the three books that I have been involved in, I know how hard it is to successfully display diagrams on knot tying that can actually be followed, but this book has nailed it.

One thing worries me though about my own knot tying abilities - the two main knots that I use in my fishing are not in there. Does that mean my knots are in fact rubbish, am I tying them wrong, or am I simply in need of a refresher course on tying fishing knots ??!! I will let those who fish with me decide on the right course of action for me to take........whatever the situation, it's a very good book. I like stuff that is to the point.

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