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The Tackle & Guns trade show this Sunday/Monday

I don't sell fishing tackle and I have zero plans to do so, but I have been to the Tackle & Guns trade show a few times now and I love it. It's not as if I go there on the lookout for gear to stock in my non-existent shop, but since I work on my own and tend to keep myself to myself, I do like the odd opportunity to catch up with people I know within the trade and also to meet a few new faces. Of course I am going there purely with a business head on and in no way am I at all excited at seeing what I believe is going to be a fair amount of lure related fishing gear on show. No way. Professional to the last of course............!!

I will be at the show for the two days it's on - this Sunday and Monday. The Top Water Lures people asked if I would spend time on and around their stand to help out with lure fishing stuff so that should be a bit of fun. They are good people and I really respect the smaller companies like this who work so hard on bringing in some of the more modern and perhaps forward-thinking fishing tackle that we are increasingly seeing these days. I put a company like Lure Heaven into that category as well and it will be great to see them up there as well. If you are in the trade, have any interest in lure fishing and are attending the show then please make sure to come and see these companies for starters - I know a bit about some of the gear they will have on their stands and to be honest it's frying my brain. I also keep hearing more and more good stuff about the TronixPro lot and their increasing amounts of lure gear, so I will make sure to say hi and have a good look around their stand - plus various others I am sure. Daiwa, Shimano, Marukyu/Ecogear etc.

I know that the Lure Heaven people will have the complete range of the brand new Graphiteleader Argento Nuovo bass lure rods at the show, plus numerous other rods from this awesome Japanese brand. I have not yet seen the lightest 8'3'' 5-25g Argento RV yet for example and I really want to see how it compares to my own 8'6'' 6-28g Argento RV for example. I have waggled/wiggled a few of those brand new Argento Nouvo rods and the 9'3'' 10-35g (Fast action) model especially freaked the living daylights out of me. This year especially has opened my eyes up to a few of the longer lure rods and this new Argento seems to be a serious example of "it simply should not feel like that" at 9'3'' long. I know they will also have a load of "new to the UK stuff" like Toray lines (braid, mono and fluoro), Van Fook hooks, Vike weights and serious collections of soft plastics - Bait Breath, Keitech, Yamamoto etc. A dangerous stand to walk by if you are like me and have issues with shiny fishing tackle, but they are some thoroughly nice people on the Lure Heaven stand so I will forgive them their sins !! Just so you know, I don't work for any of these companies and the Lure Heaven lot don't even know that I am putting this blog post up - but is it wrong to simply want some people you know, like and respect within the industry to do well and get their gear out there in front of more people within the trade and therefore anglers ? Good luck to them I say.

Only a few weeks back I saw for the first time, then fished with and currently have here on a long-term test an APIA lure fishing rod, albeit it's a collaboration between APIA (Angler's Utopia) and the lure brand IMA (see here for my review). And yes, I have debated claiming I hooked such a big bass that it pulled this rod out of my hands and therefore I lost it and could not possibly return it - I like the rod that much. So I was pretty excited to hear the other day that Top Water Lures are going to have a whole bunch of APIA rods and even a few APIA lures on display. As I said, it's purely business me going to the T&G !! (I need help). I believe that the APIA Foojin 'AD series of lure rods are very popular and well respected over in Japan, and from that range there will be models such as the Neon Night 85LX 8'5'' (max lure 28g, Fast action), the Night Hawk 91ML 9'1'' (max lure 30g, Fast action) and the Angel Shooter 93MLX (max lure 36g, Moderate Fast action) at the show. Gotta love those names !! Imagine owning a rod called a Night Hawk or Angel Shooter. I also look forward to seeing the more "budget" APIA Red Line Premium Series Tuned 86ML rod (max lure 28g), because bearing in mind of course that rods are incredibly personal things, I have not yet come across a sub-£200 lure rod that can live with the Graphiteleader Argento RV 8'6'' - I know nothing at all about any of these APIA rods, but if they are anything remotely like the APIA/IMA rod I have here then it could be a bad two days for me if you get my drift. There will also be a load of stuff from MegaBass, IMA, DUO etc. on the Top Water Lures stand, and the guys from that French company Fiiish will be on the stand as well. If you have heard of or used the Black Minnow lures then you will know what I am on about, and I hope to get a bit of time to talk to them and get a better understanding of their products and how they fish them. Next week I should be able to fill you in a bit more on how the show went in lure fishing terms especially. Night Hawk over and out. Or Angel Shooter. Off to seek professional help...........

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