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The value of sinking minnows.....

Far better lure anglers than me will I am sure have a hundred more and varied uses for these sinking minnows, jerkbaits or hard lures than I currently do, but the last few (often stormier) months of the year really rams it home to me once again the value of carrying at least one in my lure box. I am doing my best to learn more and more about their various uses, but top of my list is still the added stability and casting distance they can give me when needed.

The DUO Tide Minnow 145S (sinking) is one of the best types of these lures that I am currently aware of. The fact that it sinks instead of floats is often somewhat meaningless to me, but the bit of added weight and the incredible way this lure casts into a headwind is what means all to me when I am faced with really fizzing conditions. These advantages come about because the lure is a sinking minnow, yet I am not really using the sinking design of it if that makes sense. This particular Tide Minnow just "bites" into a rough sea and virtually refuses to be bashed off course by conditions. Stability, stability.

Ever since I first came across the IMA Sasuke 140, there has always been one in my lure box. It gives me a lot of confidence to put this thing on and fish with it, but that confidence of course comes from me having caught bass on it. Success breeds confidence does it not ? I hear from more and more Irish bass anglers as well who swear by this thing. The fact there is now a sinking version of it really floats my boat - this is the IMA Sasuke 140S (sinking). But the problem I am fast getting close to is not having space in my rucksack to carry the increasing number of lures that I trust to fish well in different situations !!

This smaller Jackson Athlete Slim 12SS (sinking) seems to be a bit of a freak of nature, and I mean that very positively here. This little thing casts about as well as I can imagine a 120mm minnow-type lure ever casting. Honestly, it flies, and once again it just "bites" in the water and keeps on fishing when other lures are struggling. This particular colour does it for me big time, and especially because it is so similar to the holo-silver/pink Maria Chase BW that has worked so well for me. Or is that just coincidence/confidence ?

As I said earlier, my use for these lures that I am talking about is basic in the extreme. Use the little bit of added weight on the lure to help me get it out there in really fizzing conditions, and then utilise that inherent stability to keep me fishing. Note the word "me" though. There is nothing remotely hard and fast about what I am saying here, indeed for ages I struggled to see what on earth the point of a sinking minnow was. But through a combination of trial and error, research, listening and discussing, I have come to find that for me, it is very worthwhile carrying at least one sinking minnow that I know has a history of working (for me). But then the problem is that you stumble across more that work well. And then some more. I need help.........