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The Whiplash Factory Spittin’ Wire is not a cheap surface lure, but I can’t do without it, and I have managed to sort out some slightly cheaper shipping

Before we start, please know that I am now affiliate linking with the one place where I can consistently buy the killer Whiplash Factory Spittin’ Wire surface lure - the Spanish website Caranx.net. I do see this lure occasionally popping up here in the UK, but my understanding is that the Caranx.net people have been selling it for a fair while now because it’s so popular over there, and therefore they tend to have a decent stock of them as and when they become available I presume from the Japanese company Whiplash Factory.


Now the Spittin’ Wire is not a cheap surface lure, but the problem I personally have is that it has produced my biggest ever shore caught bass - plus plenty of other good fish for me and a few anglers I know and/or fish with - and therefore I can’t be without at least “a few”. Many of you here are most likely in a similar boat with certain lures that have produced good fish for you and you then can’t be without them and it’s a pain when you can’t find them for sale - it’s a vicious circle! There are plenty of really good surface lures out there that land plenty of good bass, and lots of them are far cheaper than this Spittin’ Wire, but as I said, it’s turned out to be a lure I trust implicitly in a bunch of different conditions and I am prepared to buy them. I can’t actually recall having lost one yet which kinda helps.

You could of course take this blog post as a cynical ploy by me to try and make a few quid from my affiliate links, but I would hope you know me well enough by now - this is not my style. I am eternally grateful to anybody who is kind enough to follow my affiliate links for buying their fishing tackle, but please, if this particular surface lure in your radar and you can find it on a consistent basis and also cheaper then firstly, go for it, and secondly, please let me know! I went back to Caranx.net to ask if they could please find a way of reducing their shipping charges to the UK (and yes, obviously, I want to be able to buy them a bit cheaper myself!).


Which they did, and that in turn means I am reporting back to you lot in case it is of any help. I wish I could say that I had managed to negotiate an outrageous discount on the Spittin’ Wire lure itself, but I failed on this front and I guess they are not the cheapest things in the world to hold in stock. Scroll down to the bottom of the shipping costs page here on the Caranx.net website and you will now find that there is an “up to 100g weight postal option for €6.25”. I have asked the question and you can definitely get a couple of Spittin’ Wire lures in there for this. Yep, to get two of these killer surface lures into the UK is still not remotely cheap, and please, in no way am I saying that if you go and buy the Spittin’ Wire then great big bass will suddenly fall into your lap - but I know how well they have worked for me and a few anglers I know. And yes, if I had had a different surface lure clipped on, would I have caught the same fish? Well that’s one of lure fishing’s eternal questions is it not. The Spittin’ Wire seems to be somewhat unique, it gives me a lot of confidence, and therefore I am prepared to pay to have a few in my lure box.


Disclosure - if you buy anything using links found in this blog post or around my website, I may make a commission. It doesn’t cost you any more to buy via these affiliate links - and please feel entirely free not to do so of course - but it will help me to continue producing content. Thank you.