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The wild west......

This is my third time to the Beara peninsular and yet once again my jaw literally hit the floor as it came into view. This area of south west Ireland really is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to on this earth, and yet it's fished by so relatively few anglers. Nick and I have taken a bit if a battering by the weather down here, but outside this morning it looks like a different story. We took a trip up into the hills to go and get some photos of fly fishing for trout, but neither of us had any idea how incredible the location was going to be.

Photographing from under a golfing umbrella is not the easiest thing in the world, but then if it was then I suppose the satisfaction at nailing the stuff would not be half as much. Talk about rain, but then where we were more than made up for the conditions, although later in the afternoon it did get to the stage that we made the decision to trek back to the car and dry out a bit. I had to delete a few photos on my laptop due to them being blurred - umbrella stuffed down the front of my waders, then trap it in the bend of my arm to try and stop it blowing away in a near gale of wind, plus hold the camera, focus, expose and shoot. All good fun !!

These kinds of remote hill loughs are not about big trout. Wild browns often do not get that big, but look at those markings. This kind of fly fishing is all about the experience. Guess how many people we saw yesterday ? A family of four when we got back to the car who took one look at the weather and beat a hasty retreat. We had the lough to ourselves the entire time we were there.

Nick and I are staying with Paul and Anne Harris at their B&B here. I have stayed with them before and it's always fantastic. Paul is a mad keen angler and always works hard to put their guests on fish, but even he admits to there being an almost ridiculous amount of fishing yet to discover on this wild coastline. They are doing their best, but this place is so underfished. Nick and I have had a few small pollack while sheltering from some pretty brutal conditions, but hopefully the sea has now calmed down a bit so we can really get out there and get at it. I honestly can't think of a better way to experience this stunning part of the world than to come and stay with Paul and Anne. This is the south west coast of Ireland and one should expect any kind of weather at any time of year, but what this place does have in spades is good options whatever is going on outside. Oh, and the breakfasts here are just off the scale. Plus supper. Help !!