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There is an undeniable correlation between not being able to go fishing and spending money on new lure fishing gear

Calling it cabin fever would be too easy. In theory we can’t complain because it’s less than a week until Christmas and what right do we as lure anglers have to expect decent conditions for fishing at this time of year, but in reality this not being able to go fishing because the conditions are so bad is seriously breaking my head - and if there is one thing I don’t really need as well as not being able to get out on the coastline, it’s more lure fishing tackle………..


But something strange seems to happen in winter either if the season is essentially over or the weather is sodding things up when in fact you could have a bloody good chance at some good bass fishing. I catch myself looking at fishing tackle websites and about to click buy on gear that in reality I am not sure I really need. Then I start thinking about how I might refine this or that approach and as naturally as one of the pros on Strictly Come Dancing might glide across the dancefloor (what an epic final), my head starts to weigh things up and in no time at all I have talked myself into buying something shiny and new. Cabin fever and the associated weakness it brings about should be illegal.

Take my current dilemma which because I can’t get out there fishing has manifested itself like a little devil on my shoulder - I don’t fish with regular diving hard lures as much as I used to, but a while back I saw that the IMA Japan website had stopped listing the killer IMA Hound 125F Glide lure. Help! Now I know the lure’s not doing anything particularly special as such in the water, but it’s how well it gets out there and “grips” in bouncy conditions - and catches fish of course - that has made this my go-to lure for that kind of rougher weather bass fishing for a long time now. I also know of a very good angler who absolutely swears by the Hound Glide at night.

Now I do have a few Hound Glides here, but that bastard called cabin fever is niggling away at me about how this lure seems to be discontinued and therefore I need to find something similar for sometime in the future when I have lost the ones I have and I can’t buy anymore. Is this really a pressing issue though? Of course not, but you try telling that to the little bastard sitting on my shoulder who whispers into my ear as cabin fever consumes me. That little bastard also puts endless Xmas songs into my head that my youngest girl likes to listen to as she does her arts and crafts she so loves doing, and then those sodding Xmas mixes on the Amazon music app churn around my brain on some sort of satanic repeat mode. Honestly, I was on a dog walk yesterday and try as I might I could not get the song Rudolf the red nosed reindeer out of my head. Sorry, I digress…………..


I do obviously have a few hard lures here that can do a similar job to the Hound Glide albeit my head has convinced me beyond all reasonable doubt that I still need to find something about the same size which casts and grips that bit better again. Is this possible from a hard lure around the 125mm size? I’m not sure, but cabin fever has got me looking all over again and because that one little Shimano hard lure that I talked about in one of my Gear of the Year posts is such a stunner of a lure that isn’t showing any signs of rust (the killer Shimano Exsence Responder 109F), the little bastard devil on my shoulder tells me that I need to look at more Shimano lures, because who knows what I might find! Yep, this isn’t a blog post about logical thought.


And then if my magic a lad I know alerts me to the fact that those horrible temptresses at Chesil Bait’n’Tackle are now actually stocking a few Shimano Japan hard lures (how on earth does he know what is going on in my cabin fevered brain?), they happen to have a 10% sale on for December, and blow me down and as if my magic I’ve suddenly got a parcel of wonderfully shiny and good looking lures arriving on my doorstep which in the cold light of day I am not sure I actually need. Damn they look nice though - very important of course - and the Exsence Silent Assassin 129F (floating) and the Exsence Silent Assassin 129S (sinking) cast really well and I know they will work great if the bloody weather behaves and this fug of cabin fever lifts and saves me from my own lure fishing tackle related weaknesses.


It’s not even Christmas yet and already I am fully cabin fevered up and who the hell knows where I’ll be in a couple more months. A new rod perhaps? Damn, I was trying to keep that one quiet because quite frankly it’s a bit embarrassing how this cabin fever gets, but holy cow this thing’s a bit special and I will do a review in due course where you will no doubt marvel when I explain how seamlessly this new rod slots into my current armoury to the point where I am wondering how I managed without it.

See what I mean? Help is required………….

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