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There is gold in this jungle.....

The guys did well today - the fishing was not easy, but these awesome golden dorado switched on in the end, and the best of the bunch landed today was this 15lb bar of gold. There are some huge fish around here, indeed you can often see them coming up and breaking the surface or killing the abundant bait fish. Gordon was smoked by a proper dorado earlier on today and I think he is still in shock. At least that's his excuse for indulging in a bit of gin...

The Argentinian guides out here in Bolivia are truly outstanding, indeed every single thing about this Tsimane operation is awesome. It staggers me that people can create such an outstanding lodge in the middle of the jungle, many hours from the nearest town or city. This is one of the most impressive places I have ever visited, and the fishing is really beginning to open up and reveal itself. This is truly special stuff.

These golden dorado live in some savage water out here, and fly fishing is perfectly suited to nailing them. It is only a matter of time before more Europeans switch on to these things. Sea trout fishing is hugely popular in South America, but dorado are off the scale, and I love being around them. They are as impressive as I remember them being out in Argentina last year. But this Bolivia stuff is very, very special. See my post from yesterday for the people to contact about this fishing.

There are so many opportunities for photos out here, including this bit of fun above - the head of the local village with his dogs swimming in the river as he heads off fishing. OK, so it's not a fishing shot, but I love being able to shoot around the sport in a place like this. Got to edit the stuff down from today and then we are heading up river tomorrow to see if we can smash some of these proper big dorado. We know they are here.

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