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There were bass around......

Chris and I went out to fish a few hours of the drop on Saturday morning - ok, so it might be February, and I had to de-ice my car before we could head off, but the actual conditions were just fantastic for lure fishing (plus I have various toys that need to be tested/played with). I had to put my rod down for a while though and pick up my cameras when the light just went insane for about half an hour or so. We had sleety rain all the way there, but when we started fishing the clouds broke and it began to look like you see above. When it's like this I get as much kick out of photographing as I do fishing. Winter light can be so dramatic. Chris has got himself one of the new Teklon lure rods, the 8' Concept Spin 802ML 10-40g, and he is as impressed with it as I am. The more I fish with it, the more rod for the money I think it is. An 8' rod might freak a lot of UK sea anglers out, but fish lures with a rod this length for a while and you will understand why I keep banging on about it.

I got banged hard by a fish about an hour after high water, and Chris also got a hit from a bass on a Tackle House Feed Shallow (the black back, silver sides one, killer colour) - plus we saw a bass turn and swim away from us. Not a big fish, but it's good to see signs of bass around in February, and although the fish we felt did not hook up, it certainly gives one a bit of confidence to keep at it during our more rubbish sea fishing months. If anything, it was just cool to be out on such a stunning bit of coastline when the winter light was firing big time. Part of me wants to do nothing but take photos, and part of me wants to fish my socks off.

I am starting to fall hard for that Jackson Artoron lure that I was waffling on about the other day (see here) - it's good to go out and "test" lures, but you learn so much more about them in a proper fishing environment. I need to get hold of some different colours of the Artoron, but the action is just incredible, and any of you who come from a jointed-lure bass fishing background but want a jointed lure that casts really well, then you need to check this one out. It was flying out there, and I was able to force it up very shallow indeed to deal with the ground in front of me. As I said, I have no history of fishing with the older jointed lures, but this one does it for me in a big way. You can see why bass love that action.

A very good reason to wear good breathable waders and a proper waterproof jacket - look on the right side of the photo and you will see Chris taking one for the team. It might look dangerous, but it wasn't that bad at all. Or at least Chris said it was ok, but then he's a good mate and he knows what I am like with my cameras. Stuff like this makes the heart race, and that is what fishing is all about to me. I'd have been there in a flash if Chris had got into any trouble - after getting the photo of course..........