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There's some rather big fish out here

But we haven't caught them yet. We've had one day on the flats although today ain't going to happen because of a small tropical storm passing through - nice !! What does this prove ? It matters not one bit where you go fishing on this earth when the weather wants to give you a little kicking. It's the deep, deep south down where we are staying. A part of the world I had no clue about. Did you know for example that this part of NW Florida is crawling with black bears ? The largemouth bass fishing in freshwater around here sounds pretty epic, and at certain times of the year the flats are crawling with redfish........

We are here for tarpon though, and while yesterday was hardly on the epic scale, we saw a fair few fish moving through and I can't really imagine that one of them was less than 100lbs. The lads had a few shots at the fish but for some reason they were moving pretty fast and the fairly strong winds made presenting the fly properly somewhat tricky. I've photographed a lot of flats fishing but so far I have spent hardly any time around tarpon on the fly - the anticipation from all of us is immense. We saw another angler hooked up yesterday and it looked quite frankly pretty scary.

Can you imagine setting yourself up to cast at one of the world's most awesome game as it cruises through in clear water ? You can see it, you know it's huge and you know that if you go and hook it that all hell will break loose. You also know that the chances of everything going right is very slim, but then this is tarpon fishing all over. The lads won't mind me saying that there were some knocking knees and heart palpitations yesterday as the call went out that there was a cruising fish and to get ready. Me ? It's somewhat easier with cameras in hand.

As regards me and photos yesterday, well we had a few periods of some pretty cool light, but in truth it was a tough one. As much as flats fishing and flats photographs seriously get me going, when the light is poo there is almost nothing you can do to almost "force" the issue and say use a mountain backdrop to take a rubbish sky out. When the flats look awesome there is almost nothing like it, but when you've got overcast skies and no sun then it tends to make me cry - and of course it's essentially impossible to spot fish on the flats when there's no sun. The forecast though is for this weather to move through pretty quickly and then we're on 'em like a black bear I would imagine might be all over a bow hunter around here. More to come.............