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There's something about this part of the world......

We are just completely loving living in south east Cornwall. My eldest daughter turned 6 the other day and she is thriving at her new school. My youngest is having a ball at nursery three days a week, and my wife and I keep on looking at each other and grinning as the girls rush around the garden, pick loads of conkers up on a dog walk (Jess is loving it here big time !!), or run into the sea and scream with pure joy as they did on the beach last weekend etc. The fact that I am around for a bit and actually living day to day here is really helping us to feel fully settled. I worked out a long time ago that working in fishing was most likely never going to make me a lot of money, but we have all we need here, and as a family we have no interest in expensive cars and jet-setting holidays. Come the weekend and it feels like being on holiday here as it is.

There really is something about the light over here. I have photographed a fair bit around the Rame Peninsular over the last year or so, and I can't think of a session where the light did not do something interesting. I can't help it. I am always looking around, thinking about photos, and deliberating on the quality of the light. Plus trying to work out where the fish are !! I have problems shutting down my head if you had not already guessed. Check out that light in the photo above from last winter over here in south east Cornwall. Just magical. Moody, stormy and very cold. The angler (bottom left) is a mere blip in such a big scene. Exactly as I intended.

Spring over here. An easy photo to take, in that you get down low, frame it big and wide, and put the angler against that early evening sky. Garbage conditions for bass fishing, but just perfect for photography. When I am at home and working here in my office, I tend to head out early and go for a decent walk with Jess. It seems that nearly every morning there is something really interesting going on in the sky as dawn begins to appear, indeed it's rare for me not to find some kind of inspiration most mornings. Yesterday morning I started work nice and early, and then my wife and I went for a fantastic walk with Jess along Whitsand Bay after the kids had gone to school/nursery. Not much beats walking barefoot on sand with the noise of a rolling surf and nobody else around. And again, the light was just off the scale as we walked and Jess chased sea gulls. Life is for living in my book. Kind of profound for a Friday I know !!

A summer's evening. Again, some outstanding light. I am not sure what it is, and perhaps it's a bit of me wishfully thinking, but there really does seem to be something about the skies around here. Today it even feels like we have got a bit of summer back again. Roll on the weekend.

I can't not stop and take a few photos of a sky like this. In truth I wish I had had my four stop grey graduated filter with me, but I didn't, and for that reason I made sure to frame the photo as you see above. This is the kind of photo I take for myself, because it does not say much it terms of a fishing article in a magazine that I might do - but it says a lot to me. You all have a good weekend.