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This is a different world of fishing out here

This Nantes fishing show out here in France is simply staggering - I have been to lots of different fishing shows all over the world over the last few years, but never have I seen so much stuff that I know so comparatively little about. The French bass anglers especially are so technically advanced in what they are doing that my head is still spinning.

I have learnt so much new stuff about lure fishing for bass in just one day that my head feels ready to explode, but I can not tell you how exciting it is to almost "discover" a market that is thriving on the driving forward of technology and fishing methods. I have learnt a lot about French bass fishing over the last couple of years, but today was a real wake-up call as to how far down the line they actually are.

Now it's not to say that we are doing anything wrong with our bass fishing in the UK, because we are not. We catch some good fish from time to time with a variety of methods, but I now can not wait to start trying some of what I am learning about over here on "our" bass. I had no idea that you could successfully lure fish for bass in so many different ways, but bear in mind that it is only around ten years ago that this technological explosion in bass fishing methods and tackle began happening in France.

The actual fishing gear out here is off the scale - far too many stunning rods that are often designed to fish very specific methods, plus more soft and hard lures that you could ever dream of using in a lifetime. It is a tackle tart's heaven out here. It's been a long day though and we are about to go and grab something to eat. More tomorrow. My head is hurting with all this information and I am loving every minute of it.

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