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This is how we are fishing a (white) senko at night, and it could not be easier

Whilst I am many millions of miles away from being much good at filming and editing related work, when I was out fishing with my mate Mark the other day we took a bit of time out to shoot a very simple “how to” video on how we’re fishing with a generally white senko at night for bass. For me it’s very much an exercise in learning more about filming and editing as opposed to stills photography which I feel far more comfortable with. Whilst this may make little sense to anybody here who has never got involved in anything filming related, this basic video shoot thing I did with Mark was the first time I have actually had a shot list in my head in order to then edit to when I am in front of my computer - instead of just filming stuff and seeing what you’ve got for whatever reason.

I hope this short video might help a few of you out with better understanding how some of us are fishing these simple senkos at night for bass, and bearing in mind of course that there are many different ways to skin the proverbial cat here. What I think comes across as most surprising to some anglers who I know have seen this video and then commented on my Facebook page is the speed at which Mark is winding the senko in - and please bear in mind that it’s obviously daytime in the video because you ain’t going to see much if I film it at night. I will fish a senko far slower during the day than I will at night, which I accept might not make a whole lot of sense.

But it does work, indeed Mark caught this bass a couple of nights ago fishing a white senko EXACTLY the same way as he is in the video. It’s such an easy way of lure fishing for bass and it fascinates me how this whole night fishing thing has crept up on me to the point that it now feels just as normal as chasing them during daylight hours. I’ve got so damn much to learn about it and that is exactly what I so love about lure fishing I guess. Have a good weekend, can’t wait for England v Australia, loving the banter between the coaches!