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This is our new puppy

High excitement here in the Gilbey household because we went off yesterday to go and pick up our new puppy. This is Storm and she's eight weeks old. Why the name Storm ? Well it comes from a female character called Storm Courtney in a Wilbur Smith book that I was reading some years back, and at the time I remember thinking that it would be a cool name for a dog. I did "suggest" to my wife that perhaps we call our second daughter Storm, but it went down like a lead balloon and we agreed there and then that it would be name for our next dog.

My wife's aunt is a sheep farmer up on Dartmoor and we got Jess from her nearly 14 years ago, and Storm comes from some friends of theirs who had a litter just before Xmas. If things were meant to be after we lost Jess then perhaps this was it - we picked Storm up yesterday and it's half term this week so my girls get to be at home playing with the new arrival and settling her in. They are absolutely over the moon, as indeed are my wife and I.

I fell in love with sheepdogs many years ago when I got to know the bitch that my wife's aunt had up on Dartmoor, and from then I knew my next dog would be a border collie. Jess was one of her pups and we got her a year before we got married, so Storm is our second sheepdog. I grew up with various labs and cross breeds, indeed both my wife and I have never known a life without dogs, but I guess when you click with a certain breed then you fall for all their habits and quirks. Storm will be the character she's going to be, but I am of course hoping that she turns out to be a great dog to take fishing with me like Jess was for so many years.

Anyway, we are one happy household down here in south east Cornwall. My two girls both said in the car on the way back from picking Storm up that it was the best day of their lives and I am so pleased that they get to have a puppy in the household and be with it as it grows up. I will train her much the same as I trained Jess if I can remember how to. Instinct all the way for me, and thing with sheepdogs is that they are intelligent and want to learn. Storm is not going to be working sheep like her brothers and sisters might, but sheepdogs as a breed need lots of human interaction and I love it. Little beats going for long walks with a dog who just thrives on being outside and running around. If you have or have had dogs then you will know all about the sheer joy that they can give and we are so excited here to have this new puppy in our house..............

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