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This kind of thing just about makes my week

I received an email the other day from Steve Mitchell down in south west Cornwall, and he has kindly given me permission to display it here, along with a photo of the stunning bass he caught. I can not tell you how much it means to get emails, comments and feedback like this, so my thanks goes to Steve, and of course my congratulations at catching such a fantastic bass. To know that a few of the bits and pieces that I do within fishing can actually help some anglers out just makes my week, but make no mistake - it works the same way for me. Opening up one's mind is a skill........

Hi Henry,

I just wanted to drop you a line

I live in South West Cornwall and have been sea fishing on and off since I was a lad and I have also done quite a bit of fly fishing, my biggest bass has been around 5Ib and biggest brown trout 5Ib 8oz from Argal back in 1999 when it was a trout fishery. I have never done any lure/plugging for bass before. My son for Christmas bought me one of your DVDs on plugging and this has inspired me to re-think my fishing. I have been looking on your website which is great, and have bought most of my gear on your recommendation. I have also been following your blog and find it very informative your enthusiasm certainly comes through

I have been out quite a few times since March and haven't caught any bass using this technique that is until last Wednesday night, I went fishing on the North Coast with my son. I was using a Maria Bull Chop in calm conditions when I got hit by a bass about 25 yards out, I couldn't believe my eyes when I landed it, it tipped the scales 9 pounds 3oz my first lure caught bass this has got to be some kind of record? It will be down hill from now on, I don't think I will top that in a hurry

I decided to keep the fish, however I did feel quite emotional when I thought of how old this fish must be, I must admit in the past I couldn't understand why anyone would not want to take such a fish home, however I have completely change my mind, and will release larger fish in future (that's if I catch any!)

I just wanted to thank you and my son of course, for rekindling my enthusiasm for fishing.

Keep up the good work

Kind Regards

Steve Mitchell

Photo courtesy Steve Mitchell

Thanks again Steve. Personally I think it's really brave of Steve to say how his feelings at taking such a fish have now changed. I am sure that every single one of us has at some point in our fishing lives killed fish that we then thought about in a different way and ultimately regretted. I know I have. Whatever the case, that is one hell of a first lure caught bass Steve, and I would like to say thanks for contacting me. I would guess now that Steve has got the lure bug bad !!