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This new IMA lure is going to slay.....

I liked the IMA Komomo SF-125 the moment I laid eyes on it, and it works as good as it looks if that makes sense - as a result, the moment I heard about the new IMA Komomo II you can see above, I had to get hold of one (these guys here do an increasingly large range of IMA lures). Conditions have hardly been hugely favourable for chucking lures recently, but I really wanted to see if the new lure swam as I thought it might. It never hurts to start "banking" a lure's action in your head before heading off on a fishing trip. I went out and played with a few lures in fact, but this new Komomo II just got me going from the off. This lure has an action that I really believe is going to do serious damage on the bass.......

Much as I am learning all the time about bass fishing, and specifically sinking hard lures have been on my radar recently (especially the awesome Duo Tide Minnow, see a recent blog post here), there are still lots of times when we are going to turn to the reliable, ultra-shallow minnow-type lures that enable us to fish really shallow and snaggy ground so effectively. That is where the Komomo SF-125 has done well for me, with it's kind of loose, wiggling/side to side action.

This new IMA Komomo II has one of the most insane actions I have seen on this kind of ultra shallow-diving hard bass lures - I guess you could describe it as having a more intense action than the SF-125, a kind of mesmerising, fast, very intense snake/wiggle. How do you like that for a description of a lure action ? Not bad eh !! But you need to see this thing to get your head around what it does, and it swims really, really shallow, indeed the packet says down to 20cm. I have heard a little bit about making the lure break the surface from time to time to turn fish on even more, but I guess my greater understanding of this one will come via time spent fishing with it.

So how would you go about fishing a lure like this ? My hunch is that you are going to need relatively calm conditions to fish the IMA Komomo II properly, for I could see that a pronounced chop on the water drove it to the surface and killed the action. But this comes as no surprise, for a lure that is designed to swim this shallow is of course going to be increasingly buffeted by rougher conditions on the surface. Remember, specific lures for specific jobs. Give me calm to a slight chop and I reckon this Komomo II is going to slay bass big time. That action over shallow ground is going to drive them nuts, but I also reckon the intense silhouette brought about by the lure's action will also work well over deeper terrain as well. We all know that bass will happily come up from depth to hit a lure near or on the surface.

Give me some proper time with this new lure and I will be able to tell you a whole lot more, but personally I think that you can simply crank it a medium to medium-fast pace and it will work well. It's action is one that bass fall for big time. I like lures that I know are going to work if I simply crank them. Yes, there is loads of talk out there about always imparting action to sub-surface hard lures, but on the flip side, I also believe that one can suddenly forget that good old cranking can and does work very well for bass (the Tackle House Feed Shallow is a great example of this). Some lures just "sing" when you wind them. I did play around with twitching this Komomo II a bit, but I found that jerking the rod tip continuously knocked it off its stride and made it flop onto the surface - bear in mind this is a lure that is specifically designed to swim just below the surface, so you would expect this to happen. But it does respond to fishing it very slowly as well, with the odd twitch on the rod tip, let the lure float to the surface, turn the handle a few times, twitch again kind of thing. It's fun playing around with lures !! And so much of it is about confidence - and even before I take this new IMA Komomo II out and use it for real, just the action alone gives me huge amounts of confidence. If we get the right conditions in Ireland later in the week, it's going on......

I went to see the US symphonic black metal band Abigail Williams on Saturday night at the White Rabbit in Plymouth, and it was very good overall. The support bands didn't do it for me, but Abigail Williams were very good. It always interests me to see how a band that radiates such an intense feeling on their album can translate it live. It's a good venue, nice and small so you get some decent atmosphere, and overall the sound was good. I am going to the White Rabbit tonight to see another gig - Swallow the Sun is the headlining act, but I really want to see Insomnium, the second support band. Their latest album "Across the Dark" is without doubt one of the best metal releases of the year. Check here and bow down in worship. The amount of good metal coming out of Finland is just incredible.The fact that bands like this are coming to Plymouth is very cool.

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